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Sabres vs. Senators 12/4/10 Postmortem December 4, 2010

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Ok, so I missed last night’s game. I have to get over it. *sniff, sniff* Hopefully the Sabres are still feeling awesome. I would enjoy that very much.


  • The Sabres are skating fast. The Senators are skating slow.
  • It seems to be frighteningly easy so far to take the puck away from the Senators.
  • Oh, look! Gaustad just won a faceoff. Shocking.
  • Ha! See, that’s what you get when you try to interfere with Pominville.
  • Paul Gaustad can do a pretty impressive split for a large human.
  • I’m pretty happy that Myers is back to being made of awesome (95% at least, he’s got just a bit still to go).
  • I have to give Harry Neale props – he’s come out with some good one-liners lately.
  • Heh. Anyone who flattens Ruutu is ok in my book. Good boy, Tyler Myers!
  • Montador blocks yet another shot. *fangirl moment* Monty – a note from the females – don’t hurt yourself – we like looking at you./*fangirl moment*

Didn’t like:

  • The Sabres are getting a lot of chances but not scoring. That always makes me nervous.
  • Memo to Nathan Gerbe: I know you have no confidence, but shoot the puck.
  • Whoever is taking care of the Sabres sticks had better go the storage area and get more – they’re breaking like twigs in a hurricane.
  • The stats guy is smoking dope – there’s no way the stats are as even as they appear to be after one period.
  • I cannot believe the Sabres did not score with Roy standing right in front of the net, Vanek and other also firing away. I really don’t like seeing games go this long without the Sabres scoring when they’re clearly outplaying the other team.
  • I’m already sick to death of the Degree commercial.

AAAANNNNNNNNDDDDDDD Miller is FULL OF WIN for the second game in a row. Woo! Know what Patrick Kaleta had to say about that game?

Took out the trash. Who's next?



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