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SO MAD December 4, 2010

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I forgot to DVR what was the BEST GAME THE SABRES HAVE EVER PLAYED. What is WRONG with me? Oh, I’m here now, ready to watch the Sabres play the Sens. And you know what? They’ll probably lose. Because I can be here all night to watch them. Obviously the players hate me. Despite how much I love and support them, they hate me for some inexplicable reason. It makes me sad.

I don’t think anyone won my scoring roulette contest, so in the spirit of the season I’m going to keep running it, with the same choices from the same people, until someone wins. Cuz it’s my blog and that’s how I roll.

I will live blog the game tonight. I’m sure you’re waiting for my post with bated breath. Go Sabres!



1. Kathleen - December 4, 2010

That is a bummer. I didn’t think that game would be much to write home about, since they were off all week, and you know, BJs, but wow.

I’ll go with Sekera in the second.

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