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Sabres vs. Bruins 12/7/10 Postmortem December 7, 2010

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It’s being billed as a battle between the two goaltenders. I’m guessing it will be, since the Sabres can’t score and the Bruins aren’t exactly burning up the ice either.


  • Ennis sometimes reminds me of a gnat. He buzzes around and he’s annoying and you can’t figure out where he is or where he’s going. And since he plays for the Sabres, I’m ok with that.
  • I’ve been waiting for Luke Adam to start scoring goals. He’s deserved a better fate than he’s been getting lately.
  • And just when we aren’t sure Vanek is a star any more he goes and scores a goal by banking it in off of Thomas’ back. Hee. It wasn’t a great one for Tim Thomas to give up, but it WAS a great one for Thomas Vanek to put in.
  • Knocking Bruins out of the game pleases me.

Didn’t like:

  • Oh, Miller. Why? Oh… why? Why? And Miller’s personal record for shutout minutes comes to a stupid, awful end.
  • Gaustad is playing in this game. Huh. Totally invisible.
  • What the h-e-double hockey sticks is Miller doing tonight? He’s going for far too many strolls.
  • The Sabres are on a power play? Who knew?
  • Did Derek Roy just bitch about that call?
  • The only funny part about the commercial w/the kid going nuts after getting the Ovie jersey is the Santa Claus w/the Rock Band guitar around his neck.
  • Oh, poor Pominville. Poor, poor Pominville. You’re about as lucky as a million-to-one Kentucky Derby horse.
  • Is Tim Thomas losing it? He’s lookin’ a little twitchy out there.
  • If McCormick had hands the Sabres might’ve scored a goal right there at the end of regulation. Poo.
  • Oh, Luke Adam. I do feel bad for you, but that was a BAD penalty to take, kid. NOTE: Apparently you don’t have to actually bleed to get a four-minute penalty.

What a way to lose a game. Weird.



1. Richard - December 7, 2010

What I didn’t like was Mike Weber making the perfect pass to Horton that led to the second Bruin goal. Miller didn’t have a chance.

Overall, I think Weber’s play (up until that pass) has been much improved lately. But that was terrible.

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