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What is it like to be Marc Mancari? December 8, 2010

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I’ve often wondered, as I’ve watched Marc Mancari, whether in training camp, preseason, or in a call-up situation – what is it like to be Marc Mancari? To my mind, he’s too good for the AHL and not good enough for the NHL (side note: sometimes I hope players don’t read my blog). So does it suck to be him because he’ll never realize his dream of playing full-time in the NHL, or is he happy because  he still gets to play the game he loves and makes decent-enough money?

In Portland, and in Rochester before that, he’s an integral part of the team. He’s a veteran player and one of the leaders on and off the ice. He logs big minutes and is counted on to help his team win every night. He’s got a good chance of making the AHL All-Star team each year. These are all things he wouldn’t experience as part of an NHL team. Logic dictates that he would be happy.

But he’s a professional athlete, and professional athletes (so they tell us) strive to the best. If that’s the case, is he dissatisfied with his life?

I’d hate to think so, because if someone goes through their entire career never accepting what they are when it doesn’t appear there’s any way to change their circumstances, they’re doomed to a lot of miserable days. For his sake, I hope he’s happy. I hope he tries to be the best he can be, but if that means being one of the best players in the AHL, then that’s what it means.

Your thoughts?



1. Richard - December 8, 2010

Don’t worry about the players reading your blog. You only stated what has proven to be true so far in his career. I hope he does well this time. Seems if he could get over the hump of whatever has been holding him back at the top level he would be a contributor.

2. Joe Pinzone - December 8, 2010

Not sure if you remember this guy from the late 90’s, but he reminds me of Dominic Pittis. The guy was awesome in the AHL, but when he came up to Buffalo he did nothing. I do like Mancari, as he has size and a nice shot, and if you ask me, I’d rather see the Sabres go younger than giving someone like Niedermayer or another vet playing time.

manda903 - December 8, 2010

I do remember Dominic Pittis! I’ve bee a Sabres fan since the early 90’s, and I agree. Or Chris Taylor, though he managed to spend more time in the NHL than Mancari has so far.

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