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Sabres vs. Bruins 12/15/10 Postmortem December 15, 2010

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So here we are again. The Bruins are quite good. Let’s see what the “new and improved” (aka healthy) Sabres can do…


  • A no-look pass from Kaleta to McCormick that hit right on the tape? Nice!
  • So far Staffy has been a beast. Keep it up…
  • Public service message: if you haven’t seen the video of the Sabres doing their holiday visit to Childrens’ Hospital, here’s the link. Our Sabres look darn cute in Santa hats.
  • Nice play by Sekera to thwart a 2-on-1. I’m finding myself saying “Nice play by Sekera,” more and more these days. And that’s JUST FINE w/me.
  • Heh. Good boy, Kaleta. Take Ference off his game!
  • The Sabres capitalize on the power play. Loved seeing Vanek, Roy, AND Stafford pounding away right in the crease.
  • One of my followers on Twitter just said so far in the game Weber has five hits. The entire Bruins team? Seven. (H/T Curt Pasisz)
  • Stafford gets another goal. Good thing he’s in the lineup, since he’s apparently the only Sabre who can score a goal.
  • Aaaannnndddd Stafford gets the natural hat trick. If I’m not mistaken two out of three of the Sabres goals have been on the power play. How ’bout that?
  • Hee hee hee. Milan Lucic goes to the box for being a jerk. And all was right with the world.

Didn’t like:

  • Three shots on goal w/in the first thirty seconds? Um, Sabres, just a note: this is not an auspicious beginning.
  • If I was Thomas Vanek and getting the crap kicked out of me in front of the net on the power play I’d want to kill my teammates if they couldn’t even get a shot through.
  • I’m not convinced Stafford needed to take that penalty on the power play. He had Tyler “I cover twenty feet with every stride” Myers right next to him.
  • Oof! Curt Pasisz also just said that at the halfway point of the game the Sabres have 12 giveaways.
  • I was about to compliment Connolly, and then he took a penalty. Pffttt.
  • Memo to Ryan Miller: Stay in your crease. STAY. IN. YOUR. CREASE.


1. Caroline - December 16, 2010

Miller will never stay in his crease, his aggresiveness to shooters is a huge part to why he is so successful. There are going to be times where he will overcommit and get burned for it, but it’s the way he plays and why he is one of the best goalies in the NHL.

manda903 - December 16, 2010

I’m not talking about challenging the shooter. I’m talking about those strolls he takes behind the net and into the corners. Gives me a heart attack every time.

Caroline - December 17, 2010

Oooh, I thought you were referring to Ryder’s goal.

2. Richard - December 15, 2010

Not to be picky, but is it a natural hat trick if the Bruins score between your goals?

manda903 - December 15, 2010

Could be. I was just so excited ANYONE got a hat trick that I didn’t look it up to make sure.

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