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Sabres vs. Bruins 1/1/11 Postmortem January 1, 2011

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I’m DVR’ing the Winter Classic while I watch this game. I have no idea if I’ll get through both tonight, as I believe I’m getting sick. Boooooo…

Nice ceremony for Jim Kelley and Alexander Mogilny – a well-deserved honor for both.


  • Nice follow-up by Pominville on that goal. Savard goes after him for some unknown reason afterward. One thing I’ll never understand about Savard: why is he still trying to fight people after that concussion? I will give Tim Connolly credit for being the first guy to go back after Savard.
  • McCormick fights McQuaid. McQuaid looked bigger so having it end in a draw ain’t bad.
  • Yes, the Sabres are losing, but I do like how physical they’re being here in the first.
  • Thomas Vanek shows why he’s a goal-scorer. But Vanek probably should’ve gotten a penalty there…
  • Hee hee hee. And Rask gets pulled after the first. A little puzzling, but whatever.
  • Nice hit by Mike Weber. I hope he can stay in the lineup.
  • Wow. What a save on Horton.
  • The population of Pominville is experiencing an explosion tonight. Yay!
  • Ok, so maybe Staffy has redeemed himself…

Didn’t like:

  • Bad time to lose a faceoff, Goose. Also, where was the winger? I’m not sure who it was – Ennis? Anyway, you’ve got to take care of your assignment.
  • Eesh. The goals, the goals. The goals against. Not good, boys.
  • One decent shot on the power play. Again, not good, boys.
  • And now a shorthanded goal? Double eesh.
  • I wouldn’t call this a goaltending dual…
  • Memo to Drew Stafford: stop taking penalties. Bad Staffy! Bad!
  • No penalty for too many men in OT? Come ON!

And the Sabres head out West again… Here’s hoping Ryan Miller gets his head back on straight.


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