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World Juniors Medal Game Recap January 5, 2011

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I’m going to do this a little differently than a postmortem, mostly because I don’t know the players well enough to feel like I could do that format justice.

US vs. Sweden:

  • Starting off with a penalty is a bad way to gain momentum. Just so you know.
  • Team USA kills off the penalty efficiently.
  • I kinda like the fact the US doesn’t have ads plastered all over their jerseys. Looks classier.
  • Good power play for Team USA, but no goals.
  • Another strong kill by Team USA but they need to stop taking penalties.
  • Nice play by Ramage to prevent a goal by Sweden.
  • Sweden has come out better here in the second period. Team USA is back on their heels a little.
  • Team USA strikes quickly in the third. The point man gets a shot through, it gets deflected, and BOOM.
  • Wow, what a tip-in by Bhugstad for the third USA goal. I’m always amazed by the hand-eye coordination that hockey players exhibit. Team USA looks to be in control here.
  • Sweden makes it interesting with about five minutes in regulation.
  • And with two minutes to go Kreider scores another big goal in this game, one I like to call “insurance”.
  • Man, little Bourque looks SO MUCH like his dad…
  • Awww, love Sabretooth with the Team USA jersey!

And the boys get the bronze. A respectable showing, though I’m sure in some ways they’re disappointed. The back-to-back medals are a testament to the much improved USA Hockey developmental program. We’ll see many of these kids in the future in the NHL.

Canada vs. Russia:

  • Canada strikes fast on the power play. Kassian and Johansen wreak havoc in front of the net.
  • Man oh man is this arena loud. Makes me ashamed to be a Sabres fan. We’ve never reached anywhere close to this volume.
  • In the early going Canada looks like the fresher team here.
  • The Canadian players have marked their sticks with “Mandi” and “Jaden” to honor an injured teammate and his ill sister. Nice gesture.
  • I’m pretty sure the Russian goaltender just flinched.
  • Very nice play by Barrie to prevent a chance for the Russians. According to the announcer, he hasn’t been on the ice for an even-strength goal-against. Not bad…
  • There’s a Kalinin playing in this game. Wonder how common the last name is in Russia?
  • Canada scores again and the teammates on the ice jump on the goalscorer, Ashton. I’m not totally sure why they’re that thrilled.
  • The Canadian captain Ellis goes into the wall hard and drags himself to the bench. He looks mostly like he got the wind knocked out of him and will return, I would guess.
  • Russia appears to be losing its cool and has made a goaltending change. Ellis is back on the ice.
  • Halfway through the game the Canadians are outshooting the Russians by a two-to-one margin.
  • The Russians are getting a little chippy, and one of them accidentally goes down and his head hits the skate of Foligno. He looks more than a little shaky. My diagnosis: concussion.
  • The injury to their countrymate seems to have woken up the Russians some. They get a power play with a little more than a minute left in the second. They don’t score.
  • Wow – Russia strikes twice in quick succession (11 seconds apart). Canada looks a little stunned.
  • The crowd gets into the “Go Canada Go” chant. I think they’re smelling fear from their team.
  • Johansen leaves the ice with what looks like a mouth injury.
  • Russia takes the lead with four and a half minutes to play. Canada looks… stunned. (JINX)
  • I find it funny that the Canadian coach likes to stand on the bench during the game.




1. Alex - January 6, 2011

Thing is though, without advertising, a lot of those foreign leagues can’t sustain themselves.

manda903 - January 6, 2011

Oh, I know, I just like ours better. 😉

2. C.A.R. - January 5, 2011

Canadians leaping desperately from tall buildings.

They lost TWO big games in this tourney and the last one cost them gold. You know the cost of gold in the world? It just went up.

3. Richard - January 5, 2011

Isn’t Bhugstad the guy that impressed us in the USA-Finland game? Scored the winning goal?

All Canada will be in mourning. It’s a pity that the Sabres aren’t playing Canadian teams this week…

manda903 - January 5, 2011

Yep, the very one. The Canadian NHL’ers on Twitter are going nuts… hee.

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