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Sabres vs. Sharks 1/6/11 Postmortem January 7, 2011

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I’m doing a million other things while I watch this game, so I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to make too many great observations, but I’ll do what I can. 😉


  • The guys came out with some jump. Maybe losing that Colorado game pissed them off. That would be nice…
  • The play from Niedermayer to McCormick was a nice one and McCormick made a good decision shooting. Luke Adam kept going to the net and cashed in on the rebound. Kids: this is why you keep going to the net.
  • Jochen Hecht makes a nice play and SCORES A GOAL! Yes, you read that right.
  • They’re crashing the net. Yay!
  • Pominville makes a nice play to get the puck out of the zone. Kudos to the guy he passed it to (I missed who it was) for being in a position to accept the pass.
  • The Sharks are getting smothered at every turn. Hopefully that will increase their frustration level and thus their penalty-taking. I approve of this.
  • I’ll give Ryan Miller credit. So far he’s made the saves when the Sabres needed him to.
  • I like Vanek and Pominville playing together. I never understood why they didn’t play together more.
  • Did they offer a bonus for hitting tonight?

Didn’t like:

  • Mike Weber needs to see Rob Ray for some boxing lessons. Kudos for not backing down, but he didn’t win that fight.
  • Tim Connolly has been pretty weak on faceoffs for the past couple of weeks. He’s at 29% after one period, 33% after two. Jochen Hecht joins him in Suck-land with a 29% win rate after two periods.
  • I don’t like Dany Heatley. That is all.

Now THAT was the kind of road game the team should be playing more often. Well done! On to Phoenix on Saturday! Say Hello to BizNasty for us!



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