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Sabres vs. Islanders 1/23/11 Postmortem January 23, 2011

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I’m close to asking for a separation, fellas, so let’s make this is a good game.


  • Well, that’s a good way to start the game, Paul Gaustad! You earned your money for once – yay!
  • The Sabres seem to be skating a lot better than the Islanders in the early going. Nice to see.
  • So far through one period the Sabres have been credited with seven takeaways. That right there tells you a lot of what you need to know about the game.
  • Whoa! Through one period Jochen Hecht is at 80% in faceoffs. Who are you, and what have you done with my Angry German?
  • Ennis goes to the net and is rewarded. Other players: take note.
  • Ennis is having a really good game overall.
  • And the little guys are gettin’ it done! Ennis sends a beauty of  a pass to Gerbe for the go-ahead goal.
  • LOL – it kinda looked like Grier didn’t want to enter that scrum but knew he should. My 2yo DD can skate faster than he did to get over there.
  • Nice job, Tyler “The Jolly Blue Giant” Myers. Apparently he was watching Tiny Tyler when he went to the net earlier and decided it looked like fun!
  • The Sabres have spread out the scoring, which is always nice to see. I mean, sure, you want Vanek et al to score 18 goals a game, but when they don’t – and let’s face it, that’s often – it’s nice to know other guys can chip in.
  • Jason Pominville makes no mistake and pots the insurance goal.

Didn’t like:

  • I’d like to point out that almost halfway through the game I haven’t found anything to not like. *stunned* I think I’m getting soft.
  • I was watching the defense pairing of Montador and Leopold on that second goal. I don’t agree with Harry that they had the forwards tied up. Grier definitely should’ve had his guy, but Montador and Leopold didn’t play that well either.
  • Play has stopped, what, twice now I think, for boneheads who are throwing stuff on the ice.
  • TMI, Harry, about the 3-on-1’s… TMI.
  • Well, that was a bit of a clusterfudge in front of your own net, boys. Aaaaaanddd not surprisingly it’s now 4-3.

Well, the Sabres were finally able to solve the mighty Islanders. On to Ottawa, who appear to be in worse shape than the Sabres!

Woo-hoo! 5-3 Sabres win!



1. Richard - January 23, 2011

– I’ve got to admit Gerbe made a believer out of me. Finally.
– I don’t know anout Hecht’s faceoffs but overall it seemed to me that they lost a lot more than they won. What’s the use of Miller not giving up rebounds when all that happens is the other team gets the puck right back on the faceoff.
– Seems like Pommer’s empty net goal was his best play of the game. And one of his few good ones in this game.

manda903 - January 23, 2011

Gerbe is really stepping up his play and becoming the player we were promised.

Yes, the faceoffs overall were 26 for the Sabres and 28 for the Islanders, so not too bad, but of those 26 wins, Gaustad was the only one who won more than 44%.

Pommer was invisible. So was Vanek for the most part.

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