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Random things about Amanda February 5, 2011

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So I got involved in a chat with some of my followers on Twitter *waving to them* and after one of them (who I won’t name because I’m not sure if she wants all and sundry checking out her blog) blogged with some personal things about herself, I decided to do my own post. If you’ve read this blog for a while, (and if you have, here’s a big, sloppy kiss), you may have seen a “Five things about Amanda” post a while ago. This is going to be a lot more random. Here goes:

  1. I have an MBA which I doubt will ever “pay for itself” but I’m still not sorry I did it. How many people can say they have an MBA?
  2. I miss my cat terribly.
  3. I brag about my child constantly, which I’m sure is annoying as hell, and I don’t care. She’s adorable and smart.
  4. I believe Cheez-its with Pepsi is a perfect snack.
  5. I really do love hockey, and yes, I really know a lot about it. Yes, more than most men I know, and yes, if you challenge me  in public, and are mean about it, I’ll put you into the ground with my knowledge. Then I’ll smile sweetly.
  6. I took modeling classes when I was a teenager. I can do a mean runway walk.
  7. I was a cheerleader for my church’s basketball team. I was not perky enough for the job.
  8. I am divorced and remarried. Sometimes starter marriages are necessary – mine taught me a lot, not the least of which was not to settle for being fourth or fifth on my spouse’s priority list.
  9. I went to undergrad for psychology, but never wanted to be a counselor. That sounded depressing. I wanted to do organizational development, but there aren’t many jobs out there for that, so I became a recruiter and later went into marketing.
  10. I am actually quite an introvert. I force myself to be extroverted – I was shy when I was growing up and got sick of it.
  11. I started working in a restaurant during my senior year in high school and that was what really brought me out of my shell, and I am grateful to the people I worked with for helping me discover who I really am. I had some of the best times of my life when I worked there.
  12. I had cancer when I was twenty-four. I’m fine now and I’ve decided not to let it define my life. It was time to move on.
  13. I can decorate cakes. Why? Because I took Wilton cake-decorating courses during the NHL lockout. I had to have something to do…
  14. I did not own a regular pair of jeans in sixth grade (full disclosure: I went to a Catholic grade school).
  15. I’ve had a much lighter hair color, but the color now is pretty close to my “natural” color.
  16. I played soccer for around ten years and never scored a goal. Granted, I played defense for most of that time, but still. I even missed an open net because I got so excited at the prospect of finally scoring a goal.
  17. I’ve reconnected with many of my old high school classmates through Facebook and actually like hearing about their lives, even if I didn’t really know them in high school. I do wonder sometimes what they think about the shy girl in high school being an erotic romance author now…
  18. I was in Mexico for a total of around three hours. On the way back in the train station a guard told me to move since I was “in his line of fire”. Alrighty then…
  19. I’ve traveled all over the continental US for work and for pleasure, and I’ve been Canada (obviously), Italy, Hawaii, The Bahamas, St. Thomas, and Hong Kong.
  20. I am of French ancestry. My husband is of Italian ancestry. He has an excellent French accent. I have a pretty good Italian accent.
  21. I had a healthy pregnancy but I did not like being pregnant. It was inconvenient and uncomfortable. Sorry, dems de facts. By contrast, I had one of the least painful, least difficult deliveries I’ve ever heard about.
  22. I can be all excited to watch a TV show and then just suddenly lose any interest in it. Recent examples of this are One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl.
  23. I’m not allowed to do anything that pounds on my knees since I dislocated my kneecap in 2004 training for a 100-mile bike ride for charity. I wasn’t able to do the ride, which really sucked.
  24. I am very emotional and can cry at the drop of a hat. Movies, commercials, eulogies for people I’ve never even met – total waterworks. But I’d rather feel too much than not feel enough.
  25. I have learned to be a “small stuff” person, as in “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”. Having a life-threatening illness will do that to you, I suppose. I’m sure some people think it makes me uncaring. I’m not uncaring, there are just very few things that I should focus my emotional attention on – everything else is just “small stuff”.
  26. I am a very loyal friend. You may not talk to me for years, but if you need me I’ll be there.
  27. I was secretly happy when I saw that the girl who stole my first boyfriend is really fat now. Petty, I know, and I don’t care.
  28. I absolutely loathe politics. I try to stay informed and I vote regularly, but I hate politics.
  29. I believe in God and I have my own relationship with him. I don’t go to church regularly for a lot of reasons, and I still think God loves me. I think it’s a lot more important to live your life as he wants you to and not attend church than to go to church every week and still be a terrible person.
  30. I’m aware that people think I spend way too much time on Twitter. However, I value the friends I’ve made (even if I’ve never actually met the person) and the contacts I’ve acquired.
  31. I was in nearly constant pain for almost twenty years from a neck problem. Now I get steroid shots every couple of months, but that’s a short-term solution and I will probably require neck surgery at some point in the future.
  32. I have very wide taste in music. My MP3’s range from Eminem to Air Supply, and I’ll admit to liking bands even if they’re not considered “cool”. Why do I care if you don’t like my music?
  33. I want to ride horses again – I rode competitively in my youth – but find it hard to trust a horse I don’t know, so I haven’t gone.
  34. I miss things about my pre-baby life and I’m also not ashamed to admit it. Anyone who says they don’t is lying.
  35. I convinced a surfer in Hawaii to take his shirt off and pose with two of my friends to show everyone back home that we had a cabana boy.
  36. I have nearly 200 books in my to-be-read pile (and I keep buying more).
  37. I write my books under a pen name for several reasons, but one of them is because I don’t want people forever saying, “Is Twentyfive her real last name or is it some kind of code?”
  38. I will eat a wide variety of food but will not willingly go within ten feet of tuna fish.
  39. I have asthma and so I have a fear of not being able to breathe. It affects me when I try to do things like snorkel – I never feel like I’m taking in enough air and I end up fighting hyperventilation.
  40. I honestly have no idea how my husband and I managed to make such a beautiful, intelligent, happy child.
  41. I know what clothing looks good on me and I try to dress in a flattering manner, but I’m not sure I always pull it off.
  42. I try not to leave the house in sweats – not even to run to the grocery store. I’ll throw on jeans instead.
  43. I wish I had more artistic talent, but I’m sure a lot of artists wish they had more writing talent.
  44. I’ve a pretty organized person and I dislike chaos. If I can’t find something it drives me batty.
  45. I keep a lot of food in my house. Very little of it gets wasted, though.
  46. I’ve worn glasses since I was four and they don’t bother me a bit. I will never get Lasik.
  47. I love my Tigger pillowcases.
  48. I own a lot of makeup for a person who rarely wears it, but I do LOVE dark lipstick. It started in college when I had neither the time nor the desire to put on a lot of makeup. My skin is very pale, though, and the dark lipstick transformed my face by itself.
  49. I have never, ever, gotten an exercise high. Ever.
  50. I like to watch movies and TV shows over and over. I read books over and over. If you don’t get it, it doesn’t bother me. Just don’t make fun of me for it.

Okay, I think that’s it for today. Wow, fifty totally random things about me. Aren’t you glad you stopped by today?



1. lakebnd77 - February 5, 2011

I love hearing about DD so who cares what others think! I’m so glad you’re cancer free-is ‘YAY! appropriate to say? I cry at the same things. Maybe not waterworks but a tear may slip out here and there. #28-ME TOO! I loved the blog. It’s like we were sitting at a bar having a martini and you were telling me about your life. Awesome!

manda903 - February 5, 2011

Thank you so much! That means a lot to me!

2. C.A.R. - February 5, 2011

I’m your mother and would you believe I didn’t know a few things out of the 50 you named? Huh. That Mexico thing, for one. I have artistic talent and can write, but unfortunately, I can’t do either well enough to suit me. I guess that’s why I want to publish my own book. Either that or paint a masterpiece that sells for a million at Christie’s and can’t really see that happening.

manda903 - February 5, 2011

Do you think I’m dumb enough to tell you a guard warned me I was in his line of fire? Silly mom. 😉

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