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A handy guide for dealing with the Pegula daughters… February 9, 2011

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Since the Pegula daughters are on Twitter, I thought it might be nice to publish a little guide for how to interact with them. Listen up, fans – I’m only going to do this once.

  1. Do NOT ask them for tickets to a game or an event at HSBC Arena.
  2. Do NOT request that they speak to their father about your favorite/least-favorite player.
  3. Do NOT try to worm team memorabilia out of them.
  4. Do NOT harass them about decisions their father makes regarding the team.
  5. Do NOT talk to them so much you make them leave Twitter (see Stafford, Drew).

Five easy rules, people. Learn them, know them, live them.



1. Craig Rivet - February 9, 2011

It’s creepy that the WGR guys are so obsessed with following these girls on twitter.

manda903 - February 9, 2011

Yes, it is a bit odd.

2. Richard - February 9, 2011

Good list!

3. Regarding Respect, and the Pegula Daughters | buffalo74 - February 9, 2011

[…] over at “2:00 for Roughing,” posted a list today that should be copied and pasted into every blog that addresses the Sabres.  It is clear, concise, […]

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