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Sabres vs. Blues 2/18/11 Postmortem February 18, 2011

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So Rob Niedermayer is scratched. The peasants rejoice!

Terry Pegula is ratified as the Sabres’ new owner. The peasants rejoice!


  • The Sabres start out pretty well in the first five minutes. They look like they have some jump tonight, at least.
  • So Drew Stafford is third in the league in goals per game, behind Crosby and Stamkos. Pretty elite company. Drew! You’re our only hope! Please shoot the puck!
  • Gaustad just used his “large human-ness” to throw a guy about three feet.
  • Myers reached over a guy to take the puck away from him. Hilarious.
  • Morrisonn has been moving up on the play more. I hope something good comes of it.

Didn’t like:

  • How many saves are the goalposts making these days? Eesh.
  • Oh, Tim Connolly, you make me hate you so…
  • The Sabres need to seriously consider declining penalties.
  • Yep, saw that first St. Louis goal coming a mile away.
  • This is an incredibly boring game.
  • Thomas Vanek inexplicably blows a tire.
  • Holy cow – they’re getting shut out at home by a team that isn’t supposed to be as good as them. What’s going on?


1. C.A.R. - February 18, 2011

For some strange reason, unknown to us little folk, the Sabres seem to get beat by worse teams over and over. Been happening for YEARS! What’s up with that? Somebody please tell me!!!

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