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Does this team WANT to make the playoffs? February 19, 2011

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After watching the last two games, this is a question which bears some consideration. However, upon further review, you have to wonder about a few things?

  1. Are significant members of the team playing hurt? (Probably.)
  2. Is Ryan Miller tired? (I’d have to think so.)
  3. Can the team win without Ryan Miller? (Not in its current make-up.)
  4. Will new owner Terry Pegula try to make a run this year or write it off and build with an eye toward the future? (Where’s my Magic 8 Ball?)
  5. Even if they make the playoffs, will it matter or will it be another colossal disappointment? (My money is on the latter.)

Hate to be a downer, here, folks, but Pegula’s best option may be to get rid of as much dead weight as he can, decide if he’s going after Steve Montador and Drew Stafford, possibly get a couple of quality players through free agency if he’s willing to spend the money, and then see what next year brings.



1. Nick - February 19, 2011

Well, playoff games do make money – it might be worth spending a little bit on some guys just to make it interesting. Not much, though.

2. Richard - February 19, 2011

I don’t think we’ll see the team getting rent-a-players to help with a playoff push because I don’t think it would help enough to be worth it. I think the focus will be on next year. Possibly getting rid of dead weight now, if anyone wants the dead weight.

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