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Sabres vs. Capitals 2/20/11 Postmortem February 20, 2011

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A rare daytime game for the Sabres on national TV.


  • Miller starting out strong so far.
  • Strong penalty kills, which is good, because there have been a lot of them.
  • Woo! Pominville puts a laser in on the power play. Yay! (Hey Caps, we only needed one power play to score – what’s your problem?)
  • The sound of the skates slicing through the ice is very cool.

Didn’t like:

  • Has anyone else noticed how short Grier’s shifts are?
  • Sabres getting into penalty trouble against a team like the Caps doesn’t seem like a good strategy for winning.
  • Don’t hurt our Pommerdoodle, Lindy!
  • Wow, what a strange bounce. Miller had no chance on that.
  • Why is Mike Grier taking up a roster spot? Seriously, why?
  • With 14 minutes left in the game, the Sabres have allowed 35 shots.

This is not a good way to secure a playoff spot, boys. Sabres 1, Capitals 2.



1. mikespub - February 20, 2011

Homestands don’t seem to have the zip they used to

2. Kathleen - February 20, 2011

(Hey Caps, we only needed one power play to score – what’s your problem?)

Hah! My thoughts exactly!! What a bummer to lose this game. I thought they looked a lot stronger than the last two – Miller looked great, they had some nice chances and a fantastic job on the PK – but all those penalties (which were more than a little marginal, if you ask me) were a killer. What chance did they have to get anything going in the first? It really felt like a game they should have gotten at least a point out of. Hopefully it isn’t too much of a downer for them.

manda903 - February 20, 2011

In some ways it does seem like they should’ve gotten a better outcome out of the game, but at this point they can’t afford to throw points away.

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