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Ode to Martin Biron: Guest Blog by Stacey Adgern March 1, 2011

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Today I’m fortunate to have one of my friends guest blogging. Her name is Stacey and she’s a New York Rangers fan (hold the booing, please – she’s really a cool chick). As we all know, before he broke his collarbone yesterday Martin Biron was serving as the backup goaltender to Henrik Lunqvist. What follows is an ode to the player we all know simply as “Marty”.

Ode to Martin Biron

By Stacey Agdern

When I first agreed to write an ‘ode’ to Martin Biron, I assumed I’d be writing about a player who’d be an active part of the New York Rangers’ road to the playoffs.  Unfortunately, that isn’t to be the case.  Biron sustained an injury to his collarbone and will miss the rest of the season.  So instead of talking about the valuable contributions of an active player, I have to talk about someone who the Rangers will miss on a larger scale than you’d expect of a backup goalie.

As we hockey fans know, when you’re the backup to a perennial all star, you don’t get much playing time.  (I mean who is Ryan Miller’s backup anyway?)  But Martin Biron’s sense of humor and generally jovial personality masks a true competitor.  In fact, only someone of Biron’s caliber would take his lack of playing time and turn it into a positive.  During game time, if he isn’t playing, Biron can be found on the bench cheering his team on…and giving them his special brand of guidance.

Hey Lindy! I'm a Ranger!

One of the aspects of the Rangers’ play that will suffer for lack of Biron’s presence is the shootout.  If you look at any of the clips from games where the Rangers have gone into shootouts, the shooters with the best records- Mats Zuccarello, Eric Christiansen, Wojtek Wolski and others could be seen consulting with Biron, gaining the benefit of his expertise.

But I’m talking about Biron to a group of people who know him at his best: Sabres fans.  For years, Biron was synonymous with the Buffalo Sabres.  So on behalf of Ranger fans everywhere, thank you for training him, thank you for teaching him how to win.  And thank you for letting him walk the path that would eventually lead him to the Rangers. We hope he gets better soon.


Stacey Agdern is a Ranger fan who lives in a town known for its literary history.  She’s seen hockey games in different buildings around the league, including the old Montreal Forum.  She hopes that she’ll soon watch one in Yankee Stadium.



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