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It’s really real, people! March 12, 2011

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I read the article in the Buffalo News today about the changes being made in the locker room and the arena. If you didn’t see it, take a minute and go here to read it. It’s worth your time.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that even though I tend to be relentlessly optimistic where this team is concerned, even I’ve been burned enough times by the management that I don’t tend to get too excited about things like new owners. Yes, my heart went a-flutter at the mention of no financial constraints, but until I see high-profile players putting the Sabres jersey over their heads I’ll reserve judgment.

Then I read the article. And it was like Rick Jeanneret was asking me, “Now do you believe?”

Yes. Yes, I believe.

You may find it funny that I believe more after hearing about these little things than I did after hearing Terry Pegula speak about how the primary reason for the Sabres’ existence is to win a Cup, how there would be no financial constraints, how he planned to do everything first class, etc., but to me, it’s the little things that count. Yes, hockey players want to get paid lots and lots of money, but they like the little things too. And maybe it will be all the little things that Pegula and Co. are doing that will bring the stars here. But the most important thing to me right now? I believe.



1. Richard - March 12, 2011

I like everything I’ve heard and seen so far. You are right- once you have a boatload of money like most of these guys do, it’s other things that keep the morale and attitude up. Maslow’s hierarchy or something…
I did like that comments about the Canuck’s dressing room- the rug looks like the ice surface and can be used for coaching. But I like the Sabres’ new carpet too. And the oval office tradition of walking around the emblem.
We’ll have to see what the off-season brings. The proof of the pudding will be in who is wearing the blue and gold in next year’s camp.

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