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Sabres vs. Leafs 3/12/11 Postmortem March 12, 2011

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The Leafs are calling this a “make or break” game. I vote for “break”.


  • Mike Weber shoots from the point and a nice screen in front makes it impossible for Reimer to see. Less than three minutes into the game and it’s 1-0 Sabres. I approve.
  • Sabres with a good kill early to preserve their lead.
  • The guys are going to the net with alacrity. I also approve of this.
  • Parrish gets lambasted by Phaneuf and Morrisonn comes over to have a chat.
  • I think Myers had eleven goals last year and no other defenseman had more than maybe five, right? Leopold currently has twelve, Myers has ten.

Didn’t like:

  • Vanek fans on the shot on the breakaway after a beauty of a pass from Pominville.
  • Reimer is starting to play better. I do NOT approve of this.
  • The Sabres need to start shooting from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Uh-oh. I hope Leopold is okay. He’s still on the bench but he looks to be in some pain.

Well, apparently my vote didn’t count, because the Leafs “made” it. Final score Buffalo 3, Toronto 4. Booo. Back home to play the Senators tomorrow at 5! Don’t forget to spring forward, y’all.



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