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The Epic Collapse: my thoughts March 21, 2011

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I was at the game on Sunday night against Nashville and got to watch my team blow a two-goal lead in the final four minutes before ultimately losing the game in overtime. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m not terribly pleased that I spent money to go to a game where the team fell apart like three-hundred year-old lace. And looked just about as fragile as lace at times.

However, I’m happy they salvaged a point out of that mess. I’m happy certain players had good games, including the much-maligned Tim Connolly (yes I’ll admit he had a good game).

So how do I feel overall? I feel like they need to stop blowing two-goal leads. I feel like Drew Stafford needn’t have bothered putting on his jersey. I feel like they still have an excellent chance at making the playoffs. And I’m pleased that they’re not pleased.

Clear as mud, eh? On to Montreal on Tuesday…



1. Shelby - March 22, 2011

Watching it in person was brutal…and I was not satisfied to let a few rude ‘Predators’ fans go home happy. There were positives to take out of the game though, like the little guy getting stuff done.

2. Lila Lovecraft - March 21, 2011

Must have been a fiasco, since I heard of it and I don’t follow hockey. I hope they get their act together. I was hoping Buffalo Hockey would see a new era.

manda903 - March 21, 2011

It was a fiasco. I still have faith, though, and I do think it’s a new era for Buffalo Sabres hockey.

3. Nick - March 21, 2011

I am not pleased. I liked Gerbe’s game. I liked Ennis’ game. Everyone else should be docked pay.

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