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10 reasons Buffalo is “Hockey Heaven” April 7, 2011

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Ted Black, on the day that Terry Pegula took over the team, said that he wanted to make it clear to players around the NHL that Buffalo is “Hockey Heaven”. I’ve long felt that Buffalo is one of the greatest towns ever to be a hockey fan in, even when the team wasn’t playing as well. So, in honor of the extravaganza known as “Fan Appreciation Night” tomorrow night, here are 10 reasons Buffalo is, in fact, “Hockey Heaven”:

  1. Terry Pegula is the owner of the team, and appears to be willing to spend eleventy billion dollars to make things great for the players and fans.
  2. Sabres fans, for the most part, are knowledgeable fans who go to the games because they want to watch the team play, unlike some other markets *coughNewYorkRangersTorontoMapleLeafscough*
  3. Ryan Miller is our starting goaltender, but Jhonas Enroth has looked pretty darn spiffy lately.
  4. Buffaloians are pretty respectful of the players and their personal time.
  5. Ticket prices, comparatively speaking, are reasonable, and yet the players make as much as other teams’ players do.
  6. Buffalo is close to the hometowns of a lot of players, thus enabling family and friends to come and watch them play.
  7. The housing prices in Western New York are ridiculously cheap compared to many other areas of the US and Canada.
  8. Even when the team isn’t playing as well the fans still pack the stands. And even if the team is losing the game the fans will still cheer loudly – as long as the team is trying.
  9. The travel is way easier than what some other teams – notably the Western Conference teams – face.
  10. The media isn’t as “in your face” or as critical as in other cities.

You’re welcome, Terry Pegula and Ted Black. Feel free to make this into a brochure that you mail to your “wish list” of players. All I ask in return is a box for the next ten years and the opportunity to have all the ice cream I want during games.



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