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Sabres season primer October 5, 2011

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These are heady times to be a Buffalo fan. It would be remiss of me to write about the optimism for the upcoming Sabres season without mentioning the cheer currently surrounding the city of Buffalo. Just before the Buffalo Bills season started, it was not uncommon to hear “When’s hockey season start?” – not much was expected from the Bills after all. However September was a very favorable month for the Bills, with this bunch of upstarts shocking the league and getting to the quarter pole with a 3-1 record, beating the hated Patriots on the way there.

The buildup to the Sabres’ 41st season has been highlighted by intense media scrutiny. Fans in Buffalo are simply not used to an owner who wants to win at all costs, and has a wallet to back up the talk. Between Terry Pegula and team president Ted Black, much has been improved about how the Buffalo Sabres operate, changing the face of the franchise both on and off the ice, leading to the city being given the unofficial moniker ‘Hockey Heaven’. Personally, I am most thrilled by how the management is not only building a winner now, but also laying down the roots of a legacy that will keep on winning and contend for the Cup for years to come.

Instead of rehashing one more time the changes made to the Sabres, I opted to collate posts written by more esteemed writers than me in one neat sequence for your reading pleasure.

Die By The Blade has a five part series on the Sabres, answering the top five questions surrounding the team, and an analytical breakdown of the forward, defense, goaltending and special teams units. – Zachary Zielonka

Buffalo Sabres Nation looks at how improving the picket fence defense is going to lead the Sabres to glory this year, and mentions some wildcards that could yet have far-reaching effects on the Sabres success. Scott Michalak

Sabres Hockey Central takes an in-depth look at the personnel on the team, and comes up with projected lines and defensive pairings to start the season. Lindy Ruff is famous for in-game tinkering with lines, so pretty much any permutation and combination you can come up with should see the bright lights of the ice at some point. – Brandon Schlager

Buffalo Wins answers 41 questions that fans have about the Sabres, in honor of the 41st season. The eight-part series should address any lingering doubts and queries that fans have before the puck drops Friday afternoon in Finland. – Joe Pinzone

The Globe and Mail has a look at how Terry Pegula has made the Northeast Division a much more difficult division for the other four teams to be in. James Mirtle

ESPN carries a ’10 Things You Need To Know’ about your Buffalo Sabres of 2011-12 feature, with the significant statement “An era that begins with dollar signs and aims to be remembered for Cup rings”. – Pierre LeBrun

TSN examines the Sabres as part of their ’30 Teams In 30 Days’ feature, with the lowdown on the offseason and what’s upcoming for the team during the season. – TSN.ca Staff

Bleacher Report previews the Sabres season, with predictions and odds, and expecting the Sabres to go on to win the division this year as well. – Doc Moseman

ProHockeyTalk on NBC has a breakdown of the different units on the team, and lists the expected strengths and weaknesses for the Sabres this season. – James O’Brien

I’m sure I’ve missed a few more insightful previews out there, please drop me a link in the comments below if you come across one that should be on here as well.

Go Sabres!

EDIT: Black & Blue & Gold previews the entire roster, starting with the forwards today. – Phil



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