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A New Spin June 19, 2012

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There has been some recent chatter in the Buffalo media world about the effect social media has been having on the sports scene in Buffalo. Joe over at Buffalo Wins has made a call for bloggers to unite under one umbrella to take on the media old guard. More recently Chris at ArtVoice made a mention of the dozens of the amateur sports blogs and wondered what they were trying to accomplish, and what informed opinion they provided that were not being already provided by print media, radio and television. 2ITB compiled it all together in an excellent article where he describes his vision for consolidation –

If the sites that come together as a combination of writers can find the proper balance of news, opinion and open conversation, they will be wildly successful.

I have no doubt either that a one-stop Sabres site of that kind would absolutely corner the market and really give the traditional media a wake-up kick in the rear end.

Joe then went on to write another piece where he felt the Sabres need to differentiate between the two main types of bloggers out there.. the superfans and the journalists-in-training, and the different ways in which the Sabres can cater to them.

Both of these ideas brought about soul-searching on my part regarding this blog and the role that I play over at Die By The Blade. I often feel I am a superfan but also look to maintain some sort of journalistic integrity and poise, and because of that I have to curb the fan side of me when posting at DBTB. Which is why I took over this blog from Amanda to begin with, because I wanted to look at the Sabres from a fan perspective.

I have criminally neglected this blog, not that there was too much to write home about last season. So I am bouncing about some ideas about where I want to take this blog this year. For one, if you are going to be looking for an unbiased, neutral reporting on the Sabres then you will not be finding it here. The voice you will hear here is the one of that guy in Section 316 who starts the “Let’s Go Buffalo” chants, yells “Shoot!” any time the Sabres cross the blue line on a PP, drinks slightly too much and gets rowdy with visiting fans, is euphoric after every win and devastated after every loss.

As the new season nears, I’ll be looking at the locker room with player analyses, with what my gut feeling is regarding players and what is expected of them. And once the real fun starts in Fall, there will be weekly previews and match recaps which stick their tongue out at stats, and instead focus on what fans took away from the game they just watched.

Any other feedback is greatly appreciated as always, as are your feature articles if there are some fan-related ideas you have about the Sabres, and what you would like to read on this blog.

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