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Demystifying NHL rules, part 1 September 9, 2009

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I’ve been reading up on this whole “you can’t send a player to the AHL if he still has junior eligibility” thing. I’ve never understood why on earth a player had to go back to juniors – after all, if they were almost good enough to make an NHL team wouldn’t they benefit more from being in the NHL than yawning their way through another season in juniors?

Here’s the official rule: A junior-aged player with an NHL contract cannot be sent to a minor pro league like the AHL unless he has already played four seasons of junior hockey. He must either stay on the NHL roster or return to junior.

But what’s with the four seasons of junior hockey? According to About.com, the rule is in place to protect junior hockey players and junior teams, ensuring that NHL clubs will retain only those teenagers who are ready for the big leagues.

I buy that, but with the salary cap and the 23-man roster in effect, doesn’t this rule become kind of a moot point? No, not a mute point, a moot point. Your thoughts?


About the Olympics… September 6, 2009

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I can see valid points from both sides of this “should they or shouldn’t they” argument regarding whether or not the players should be allowed to participate in the Olympics. That being said, since this league is really the only professional sports league with A LOT of their players from countries other than the US, not letting these players play for their countries is never going to go down well with them.

Here’s my overall thought – we have enough problems (see: CBA, potential lockout). Let’s not make this a contentious issue. Yes, it disrupts the league every four years, yes, many NHL’ers don’t play in the Olympics and so they sit around for two weeks. I understand all that. I just think the NHL has bigger fish to fry.

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