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Sabres vs. Flyers Game 4 4/20/11 Postmortem April 20, 2011

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Do or die? I’d say so. Let’s get this thing started!


  • Kaleta makes his presence felt in his first shift.
  • The crowd sounds alive tonight.
  • The Sabres are really buzzing in the first three minutes. Make that five minutes…
  • I approve of Drew Stafford on the penalty kill.
  • Butler saves his goaltender’s bacon. Miller owes him a steak.
  • Pommer gets his first of the playoffs off a gorgeous pass from Niedermayer.
  • The Sabres are on the power play because Carcillo is a stupid hockey player.
  • Gerbe goes through three guys and still gets a shot off. Heh.
  • Tyler Myers makes an all-star play to prevent a goal. Miller’s going to be doling out steaks to the D with the way things are going.
  • Myers can’t BELIEVE he hit the post on that one, but Timonen takes a penalty hauling Grier down.
  • Apparently Myers is okay from his collision in the first period. Thanks, hockey gods!
  • Miller makes a big stop on Richards.
  • The Sabres are on the Flyers like white on rice here in the first 10 minutes of the second period. The line of Gaustad, Kaleta, and Boyes is the Flyers’ worst nightmare right now.
  • Vanek strips the puck quite neatly. hee hee hee
  • Kaleta out-muscled a guy behind the Flyers net like he was an annoying little gnat.
  • The Flyers take a too-many-men penalty in the waning moments of the second period. In obvious news, now would be a good time to take a two-goal lead.
  • Richards gets five minutes for elbowing. Amanda approves.

Didn’t like:

  • Weber gets called with a silly penalty. Borderline, but what can you do?
  • Stafford negates the power play with a holding penalty. Again, dubious.
  • Connolly lets his man go on the power play and the Flyers nearly score short-handed.
  • Ennis doesn’t look right. Neither does Leopold.
  • Boyes hits the second post of the period.
  • Myers takes a knee-on-knee hit from Carter and goes down like the giant he is. The building shook.
  • Wow. That was one of the worst five-minute power plays I’ve seen in my entire life.

On to game five!


Sabres vs. Thrashers 3/19/11 Postmortem March 19, 2011

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Twelve games remaining and we’re tied with Carolina. Now you’re up to date. On to the show:


  • The Sabres start VERY quickly and Pominville pots one about a minute into the game after a beauty of a pass by Connolly.
  • So far the Sabres are all over the Thrashers. Let’s hope that continues.
  • Miller stopped the penalty shot after the Sabres take what I thought was a weak hooking call.
  • Mancari redirects a Myers point shot for his first goal this year. Enthusiastic celebration!
  • Pominville is having a HUGE period. Amanda approves.
  • A beautiful spin-o-rama by Gerbe.
  • Chris Butler gets his first of the year. Yep, “The butler did it!”. NOTE: they changed the goal to Niedermayer, so the butler is innocent. And scoreless.
  • Was finally paying attention enough to hear the goal song after Butler’s goal. I like it. I like it a lot!
  • After one period, the Sabres have a 15-6 edge in faceoffs. Brad Boyes and Paul Gaustad are both at 100% and no regular center is below 60%.
  • Pominville takes a hit AND keeps the puck. Hee hee hee.
  • Miller makes a great save to keep the Sabres in the lead. Yay!
  • I totally remember Rob Ray scoring that goal in the 98-99 playoffs. And little Stuey guy – awww!
  • Gerbe refuses to be denied. On the fifth try he puts it in.
  • Ennis gets a pretty clear breakaway. That goal’s gonna be on Sportscenter.
  • If Vanek keeps shooting one will go in. Keep the faith, Van.
  • Nice play to break up a good offensive chance, Butler.
  • Excellent job on the PSA, Cody McCormick.
  • Wow! Boyes just moved quick like a bunny! It’s 6-2 Buffalo. I hope they save some goals for tomorrow when I’ll be at the game.
  • Niedermayer gets his second of the night. What is going ON?
  • ANNNNDDDD Connolly scores as I was typing the above. Alrighty then.

Didn’t like:

  • Whoa. I didn’t even see what happened, but it’s tied.
  • Ennis is cut and blood drips out of somewhere. Blech.
  • Connolly hits the pipe as the 5-on-3 ends.
  • Vanek is stopped on a breakaway. The d-man was whacking him on the wrists. But apparently THAT’S not a penalty. Good to know.
  • I’m okay with using the goal horn, but is 15-20 seconds of it really necessary?
  • Pretty disorganized power play here at the end of the first period.
  • I do not approve of the bad angle goals, Ryan Miller.
  • Hey guys – how about you DON’T let Byfuglien just walk on into your d-zone without anyone so much as sneezing on him?
  • Vanek’s getting pretty frustrated. He takes bad penalties when he does that.
  • If Thorburn hurts my Pommerdoodle I’m going to be very upset!

Congrats to Ryan Miller on six straight seasons with 30 wins or more. Final score: Sabres 8 Thrashers 2

I’ll be at the game tomorrow night. See you then!

Sabres vs. Lightning 2/8/11 Postmortem February 9, 2011

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Full disclosure: I’m watching this game starting at almost midnight. I know the final score, but that’s how dedicated I am to you, my readers…


  • Nice save by Miller on Stamkos. The Sabres need to stop letting the Lightning march into their zone, though.
  • Wait, wait, wait. It looks like Tim Connolly cares tonight!
  • Hel-looo Steve Yzerman…
  • Oh, Jordan Leopold. How I love you… goes into that offensive zone with authority!
  • Yep, Leopold is having a very good game so far…
  • Wow, Myers just made Lecavalier look small.
  • Great play by Weber! He finds Vanek, and Vanek, as usual, puts it home.
  • Huh. I think Morrisonn just told Weber not to fight. And Weber listened.
  • And the bodies are flying!
  • Jordan Leopold continues his great play. What a tying goal!
  • I love it when the Sabres are full of piss n’ vinegar!
  • Uh-oh, they’ve angered the German!
  • I have a feeling Tyler Myers would win a footrace with Martin St. Louis.
  • WHAT A PASS, Tyler Ennis. Tim Connolly owes you a steak dinner.
  • Um, are the Lightning unfamiliar with Vanek? After all the goals he’s scored against them?
  • Oh, now this is just getting silly. Staffy scores another one…
  • Aaaannndddd yet another one. Go Staffy!

Didn’t like:

  • I like Chris Butler, but get well soon, Steve Montador!
  • Note to opponents: how many times do I have to tell you not to hit Tyler Ennis? It will end badly for you!
  • Well, Stafford gives away the puck and Miller lets in one he probably should’ve had. Alrighty then.
  • Oh, Tyler Myers. You bad boy! Sit in box and feel shame!
  • Heh. Smaby took one in the cup.
  • Whoa, Sekera was beaten badly on that play…
  • Memo to Nathan Gerbe: punching to the head is a penalty. Tonight, at least.
  • Memo to other Sabres players: Nathan Gerbe is only ‘ittle. Don’t hurt him.
  • I hope you’re all right, Ryan Malone. In other news, ice is slippery.
  • This was not Sekera’s finest game. And that’s okay.
  • Stafford was pushed into Roloson.
  • Man, that’s a full penalty box, boys… good thing it didn’t come back to bite you.

Sabres are off to Miami. Maybe they’ll see Michael Westen there. If they do, and they could throw him into a duffel bag for me that would be great! See you Thursday! Final score: 7-4 Sabres! Woo!

Sabres Naughty or Nice List December 22, 2010

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I have decided to be the judge AND jury regarding whether the Sabres should be receiving lumps of coal or awesome presents. I have to say – it doesn’t look like Santa is going to be very busy in the Sabres locker room this year…


Luke Adam: When called upon the kid has played pretty well.

Tyler Ennis: A little too much stickhandling for my peace of mind, but otherwise he’s growing into his own.

Patrick Kaleta: For the most part Kaleta has done what the Sabres pay him to do – annoy the hell out of their opponents.

Cody McCormick: This man has been a revelation. Give him whatever he wants – candy, records, hookers…

Drew Stafford: I’m giving Stafford a pardon off the “Naughty” list since when he’s in the lineup he’s been pretty effective.

Derek Roy: The only consistently good forward on the team.

Thomas Vanek: He’ll get a pass mostly because of the points he’s putting up. The -10 ain’t great, though. Maybe a stocking stuffer is all he’ll get.

Jordan Leopold: I know he makes egregious errors at times, but overall he’s been a steadying influence on the blue line. Plus, he gets points!

Steve Montador: Playing with Leopold seems to be agreeing with him.

Tyler Myers: I hemmed and hawed over this one, but I’ll put him in this category mostly because of the huge minutes he eats up and how he can still dominate when he’s feeling confident.

Andrej Sekera: He mostly makes it onto this list because of how good the Myers/Sekera has been lately. But I like the kid, too, and since I’m judge and jury I can do what I want.

Ryan Miller: ‘Nuff said.

Jhonas Enroth: Like Adam he’s played well when called upon.


Tim Connolly: I know he’s put up points – when he’s been in the lineup – but I just see nothing in him. This is an old, old song, and I’d like to throw the CD away.

Jason Pominville: Yes, I’m giving my favorite player a lump of coal. I don’t know what’s wrong, but please fix it. You’re making me sad.

Paul Gaustad: Mostly invisible.

Mike Grier: Ditto.

Jochen Hecht: A trainwreck for most of this season. Stop colliding with your own teammates at least, man!

Rob Niedermayer: Apparently he was hurt, but he’s also been a non-factor.

Nathan Gerbe: Taking around 30 games to score your first goal is not a good thing when you’re supposed to be a goal scorer, just FYI.

Craig Rivet: He needs to hang ’em up. Sorry, but he does.

Chris Butler: Struggling mightily, and making some costly mistakes.

Shaone Morrisonn: Apparently he’s been playing hurt too, which seems silly since the Sabres carry so many d-men on the roster.

Mike Weber: Another struggling young d-man. I really like Weber so I hope he can pull out of this.

Patrick Lalime: Same problem, different year…


Well, that ended up split almost evenly down the middle, which explains why the Sabres are so far out of the playoff race…

Do you disagree with any of my assessments? Let me know in the comments section!

Sabres vs. Canadiens 11/5/10 Postmortem November 5, 2010

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Once again I’m late starting this game but I expect to catch up fast. Hopefully the boys will give me a good effort and not make me regret taking the night off from writing. With that said…


  • Good hustle by Pominville to split the defense.
  • I think playing Sekera in favor of Butler or Weber is the right move considering the state the team is in right now. I think his development is just a little bit further along than the other two guys – he can be trusted more. Plus, he’s a more offensive player.
  • Is it just me or is Montador a beast? In a good way, of course…
  • Vanek’s trying hard tonight.
  • I still like the Leopold/Montador defense pairing.
  • At one point with about seven minutes to go in the first period I thought the Sabres were on the power play. They weren’t. Huh. Well, lookie that.
  • Nice play by Tyler Ennis on that first goal.
  • Pominville looks like he’s got his sea legs back.
  • Kind of funny how after these scrumbs in front of the net Ennis skates away and lets the other guys push and shove for him. Smart kid, that one.
  • Wow, really nice block by Sekera with his shin pads. Then he gets the puck out of the zone and would’ve had a play if he hadn’t been tripped.
  • Do you ever get the feeling Gaustad wins so many draws merely because he drops his “large human” body on top of the other centerman and suffocates him?
  • I like that Jordan Leopold fellow.

Didn’t like:

  • Am I the only person who wonders if Jochen Hecht has really good blackmail material on Lindy Ruff to get all this good playing time? He’s on a good line, he’s on the power play, and why? Can someone explain it to me? And I’m not talking about the last couple of games, I’m talking about the last five YEARS.
  • I heard Rob Ray mention a “Too Many Men” penalty and thought to myself – “It that’s on Buffalo I’m going to put a hole in the wall.” Thank God it wasn’t. That would’ve hurt.
  • Roy has turned ice cold. Dude needs some shooting practice.
  • Harry mentioned that Montreal’s power play was first in the league last year and is 29th so far this year. Man, that power play is a fickle, fickle mistress, isn’t she?
  • I don’t care that Mike Grier scored. I still think he’s a waste of roster space.
  • Lalime plays realllly high in his crease, which isn’t great for a guy who isn’t very mobile this late in his career. Also, do you think he has plain white pads just in case he get shipped out of town? Just sayin’…
  • Poor Myers still looks a little lost out there.
  • Don’t you not want to be the player the coach is leaning on when he’s screaming at the ref from behind the bench? Just hold on and hope you keep your hearing, man.
  • Why is Craig Rivet playing on the man advantage unit? Why?
  • I know he’s been hurt and stuff, but I expected a little more physicality from Morrisonn.
  • I don’t think anyone has more almost-goals than Thomas Vanek. Oy.
  • Oh, Tyler Myers… your mistakes are getting costly out there.

Ok, it’s 10pm and I happen to know that the Sabres lose this one. Again. So I’m not going to watch the rest and blog it. I see no reason to torture myself. Overall it looked like a pretty good game. Maybe they can take some momentum into tomorrow night. *rolling eyes*

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