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Ch-ch-changes.. May 6, 2011

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First of all, thank you to Amanda for all the hard work you’ve put into this blog. We are going to do our best to ensure that your legacy continues in the same vein, and we look forward to you coming back and posting whenever you get the itch!

As we all know, the season is over for Sabres fans. This offseason however, brings much more promise for us than in the past when we have waited with bated breath for the beginning of free agency on July 1st. Before, we worried more about which players we would lose and which retreads would be brought in to replace them. Since Terry Pegula has taken over there’s a lot of hope that we will be major players in the free agent market.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be doing a Sabres’ season recap, looking at the highlights and the low points, identifying needs and what can be done about them, and where players stand with injuries and surgeries. Meanwhile the playoffs go on without us, and we’ll keep an eye out on players who could become important pieces of the puzzle, resplendent in blue and gold come July.


Oh! The jubiliation! Oh! The sadness! April 23, 2011

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I was at Pearl St Grill & Brewery for the game last night with some of my most favorite-ist Tweeps. We had an awesome time, and, as we all know by now, our beloved Sabres beat the sucky Flyers in overtime. That’s the jubilant part of me this morning.

Then there’s the sad part of me: my beloved Pommerdoodle, Jason Pominville, is likely done for the season after suffering a deep cut to his ankle. I am also sad that tomorrow’s game starts at three pm and I have to be go to dinner at five pm. There’s little chance of being able to see more than half of the game tomorrow.

So, let’s recap: Sabres won in overtime – Yay! Sabres lost Jason Pominville – Booooooo!

10 reasons Buffalo is “Hockey Heaven” April 7, 2011

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Ted Black, on the day that Terry Pegula took over the team, said that he wanted to make it clear to players around the NHL that Buffalo is “Hockey Heaven”. I’ve long felt that Buffalo is one of the greatest towns ever to be a hockey fan in, even when the team wasn’t playing as well. So, in honor of the extravaganza known as “Fan Appreciation Night” tomorrow night, here are 10 reasons Buffalo is, in fact, “Hockey Heaven”:

  1. Terry Pegula is the owner of the team, and appears to be willing to spend eleventy billion dollars to make things great for the players and fans.
  2. Sabres fans, for the most part, are knowledgeable fans who go to the games because they want to watch the team play, unlike some other markets *coughNewYorkRangersTorontoMapleLeafscough*
  3. Ryan Miller is our starting goaltender, but Jhonas Enroth has looked pretty darn spiffy lately.
  4. Buffaloians are pretty respectful of the players and their personal time.
  5. Ticket prices, comparatively speaking, are reasonable, and yet the players make as much as other teams’ players do.
  6. Buffalo is close to the hometowns of a lot of players, thus enabling family and friends to come and watch them play.
  7. The housing prices in Western New York are ridiculously cheap compared to many other areas of the US and Canada.
  8. Even when the team isn’t playing as well the fans still pack the stands. And even if the team is losing the game the fans will still cheer loudly – as long as the team is trying.
  9. The travel is way easier than what some other teams – notably the Western Conference teams – face.
  10. The media isn’t as “in your face” or as critical as in other cities.

You’re welcome, Terry Pegula and Ted Black. Feel free to make this into a brochure that you mail to your “wish list” of players. All I ask in return is a box for the next ten years and the opportunity to have all the ice cream I want during games.

Sabres Tweetup (vs. Boston) 3/10/11 Postmortem March 11, 2011

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Social Media Club Buffalo hosted a Sabres Tweetup last night. I arrived at Morrissey’s Irish Pub around 6:45pm, and it was being decided to move next door to Benchwarmers. Morrissey’s is a perfectly nice place, but Benchwarmers had about a dozen televisions and no loud Irish music. We transferred the party to Benchwarmers and were greeted warmly by Steve. He took drink and food orders with a good amount of speed and we all settled down to watch the game.

The first period, as you know, was nothing to write home about, but the guys redeemed themselves in the second period. Meanwhile, all of us in attendance flitted about talking to different groups of people, eating, and drinking. I had a cheeseburger and fries, which were very good, and the wings and quesadilla down the table from me looked pretty good too.

Steve seemed vested in my cosmopolitan, suggesting different flavored vodkas to me throughout the night. And he may look like a tough biker dude, but he makes a mean pink drink! He kept the drinks flowing for everyone from what I could see.

The Sabres continued to battle the Bruins (boooo!) and maintained a tie at the end of regulation. I wasn’t sure what to think – for some reason I wasn’t very confident in Miller’s ability to win in a shootout. And then the magic happened – Gerbe passed to Boyes right at the goal mouth and -BOOM- the puck was in the net! Benchwarmers erupted in cheers, clapping, and high-fives. It was a good moment.

If you’re ever on the fence about whether or not you should attend one of these Tweetups, I urge you to come to one and see what they’re like. We don’t bite! (Well, most of us – we’re not sure about a few but we’ll keep a close eye on them.)

Ode to Martin Biron: Guest Blog by Stacey Adgern March 1, 2011

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Today I’m fortunate to have one of my friends guest blogging. Her name is Stacey and she’s a New York Rangers fan (hold the booing, please – she’s really a cool chick). As we all know, before he broke his collarbone yesterday Martin Biron was serving as the backup goaltender to Henrik Lunqvist. What follows is an ode to the player we all know simply as “Marty”.

Ode to Martin Biron

By Stacey Agdern

When I first agreed to write an ‘ode’ to Martin Biron, I assumed I’d be writing about a player who’d be an active part of the New York Rangers’ road to the playoffs.  Unfortunately, that isn’t to be the case.  Biron sustained an injury to his collarbone and will miss the rest of the season.  So instead of talking about the valuable contributions of an active player, I have to talk about someone who the Rangers will miss on a larger scale than you’d expect of a backup goalie.

As we hockey fans know, when you’re the backup to a perennial all star, you don’t get much playing time.  (I mean who is Ryan Miller’s backup anyway?)  But Martin Biron’s sense of humor and generally jovial personality masks a true competitor.  In fact, only someone of Biron’s caliber would take his lack of playing time and turn it into a positive.  During game time, if he isn’t playing, Biron can be found on the bench cheering his team on…and giving them his special brand of guidance.

Hey Lindy! I'm a Ranger!

One of the aspects of the Rangers’ play that will suffer for lack of Biron’s presence is the shootout.  If you look at any of the clips from games where the Rangers have gone into shootouts, the shooters with the best records- Mats Zuccarello, Eric Christiansen, Wojtek Wolski and others could be seen consulting with Biron, gaining the benefit of his expertise.

But I’m talking about Biron to a group of people who know him at his best: Sabres fans.  For years, Biron was synonymous with the Buffalo Sabres.  So on behalf of Ranger fans everywhere, thank you for training him, thank you for teaching him how to win.  And thank you for letting him walk the path that would eventually lead him to the Rangers. We hope he gets better soon.


Stacey Agdern is a Ranger fan who lives in a town known for its literary history.  She’s seen hockey games in different buildings around the league, including the old Montreal Forum.  She hopes that she’ll soon watch one in Yankee Stadium.

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