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Sabres vs. Lightning 4/5/11 Postmortem Guest Blog April 5, 2011

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Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa. I just have NOT had time or opportunity to blog lately. Luckily my mother is on the ball, and so, I bring you her guest commentary on tonight’s game.


After tonight, two more games and then it’s the play-offs! Let’s see if we can win these last three and go into the play-offs in high gear!


  • Enroth in goal again– Miller is starting to skate but it might still be a while. Maybe, too, Lindy is giving him more time to rest for the playoffs since Enroth is wiping the ice with opponents.
  • Sabres are all over the Lightning the first five minutes.  By halfway mark, the Lightning are starting to wake up so careful guys!
  • Congrats to Sabres sled hockey team who won the sled hockey championship this weekend.
  • Fantastic save by Enroth! Great move by Weber. He’s improving every game!
  • Two penalties by Tampa Bay—5 on 3. Let’s go boys. Yes! Goal by Pommer, there you go Amanda! Do you approve? (ED Note: I do approve!) Oops! Vanek tipped it.  1-1. Oh well…
  • Second goal by Vanek for tonight! He’s hot! Just in time for the playoffs I hope. Now Timmy scores and it’s clear the whole line is hot tonight! 3-1. Timmy alone has a goal and two assists.
  • Sabres handily neutralized the Lightning usually potent second period.
  • The second intermission Whip guys gave their opinions as to best surprises of season: Gerbe, Weber, and Enroth. Don’t know if I agree with that completely. I think I’d put Ennis in there too. He made a great play sliding on his stomach to clear the puck. Nice play by Gerbe too.
  • Vanek scores a hat trick on an open net to seal the victory! And the big-money players come through for the team tonight!
  • EXTRA Bonus! Sabres win eliminates Toronto from playoffs. Wahoo!

Didn’t like:

  • McCormick whiffed badly on a point-blank shot. Booo!
  • Lightning score first—Malone tipped it in. Sabres just stood there. 0-1.
  • In first period, Sabres have NO hits! TB has seven, Sabres moving and passing well though.
  • Second period—yawn……  until Weber and Malone decide to liven things up with a marathon fight. Fifty seconds long, a draw methinks. Last half second livened up. Thank goodness.
  • Sabres start the third period by giving up a goal by TB seconds into third period—Lecavalier. 3-2.
  • Sabres laying back too much in third period. When they do that, they get burned! Already charred by early third period goal.

And there you have it, folks: my mother’s impressions of the game.


Sabres vs. Wild 3/6/11 Postmortem March 6, 2011

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Sorry I haven’t been posting more. Real life is getting in the way. But today I’m here, and I’m ready to roll!


  • WHAT a play between Vanek, Montador, and Pominville. When I saw all those passes I started to groan, but they converted.
  • Early in the game Enroth is coming up with some big saves.
  • Montador seems to make his defense partner better, no matter who the partner is.
  • Niedermayer scores! Niedermayer scores! *checking outside for pigs flying*
  • I like Lindy using some different guys on the penalty kill. There’s no reason guys like McCormick can’t kill penalties.
  • Sabres with some good offensive zone pressure here in the third period.
  • Enroth makes some timely saves to keep the Sabres in the game in the third period.
  • Montador showing good desperation, diving at the blue line to get the puck out of the defensive zone.
  • I like that they’re shooting from EVERYWHERE.
  • I’m going to give that fight to McCormick by unanimous decision…
  • WOW – what a save by Enroth! If they lose this game you won’t be able to blame it on goaltending.
  • DREW Stafford!

Didn’t like:

  • Poor Vanek. He’s got, what, fifty people there watching him and he misses a gimme.
  • Not a real impressive power play, guys.
  • Enroth had no chance on either goal so far.
  • Punching people is a penalty, Tyler Myers.
  • Ouch! I hope Kaleta is okay. That looked super-painful.

Sabres WIN in OT 3-2. On to Pittsburgh!

Sabres vs. Capitals 2/20/11 Postmortem February 20, 2011

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A rare daytime game for the Sabres on national TV.


  • Miller starting out strong so far.
  • Strong penalty kills, which is good, because there have been a lot of them.
  • Woo! Pominville puts a laser in on the power play. Yay! (Hey Caps, we only needed one power play to score – what’s your problem?)
  • The sound of the skates slicing through the ice is very cool.

Didn’t like:

  • Has anyone else noticed how short Grier’s shifts are?
  • Sabres getting into penalty trouble against a team like the Caps doesn’t seem like a good strategy for winning.
  • Don’t hurt our Pommerdoodle, Lindy!
  • Wow, what a strange bounce. Miller had no chance on that.
  • Why is Mike Grier taking up a roster spot? Seriously, why?
  • With 14 minutes left in the game, the Sabres have allowed 35 shots.

This is not a good way to secure a playoff spot, boys. Sabres 1, Capitals 2.

Sabres vs. Canadiens 2/15/11 Postmortem February 15, 2011

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Enroth is in goal. Ryan Miller is taking a nap. Patrick Lalime is, well, apparently completely superfluous.


  • A hit happened along the wall and hubs and I both said, “Who was THAT?” Turns out it was Nathan Gerbe. Alrighty then!
  • I have to give Connolly credit for hangin’ out behind the Sabres’ net trying to let time run out in the first period before the whistle was blown to start the PP.
  • Heh. And guess who scores? Staffy! By the way, when I saw that through-the-legs maneuver by Vanek I rolled my eyes. I’m not too proud to admit it. Nice job, Vanek!
  • Somebody needs to buy Jhonas Enroth a steak dinner after this…
  • Nice feed by Hecht to Pominville and he bangs one home.
  • Good try on a give n go by Paul Byron. It didn’t work, ultimately, but it was a quality play.
  • Wow. Smart play by Mike Grier to chip the puck out of the d-zone in the waning seconds of regulation.

Didn’t like:

  • Bad Tyler Myers! Bad!
  • Memo to the Sabres: having a shooting gallery in front of your AHL goaltender is a bad idea.
  • Pominville takes a penalty. Wow.
  • Shots are 154 Montreal with seven minutes left in the first period. This is… poor, fellas.
  • Cripey. The Sabres just can’t sustain any pressure at ALL.
  • How ’bout some defense, guys?
  • Sabres cannot buy a goal. Eesh.
  • Weber gets a penalty with about a minute and a half left and Lindy Ruff has kittens.

Sabres vs Panthers 12/23/10 Postmortem December 23, 2010

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I’m coming into this postmortem having listened to the first ten minutes on the radio. I have to say, this doesn’t sound good.


  • Even though they took penalties I’m happy to see the guys stick up for Miller. As Rob Ray said, Florida should remember that they have a goaltender too.
  • Well, that was a strange couple of minutes. At least the Sabres got a goal out of it.
  • Nice play by Montador to prevent a breakaway. He’s a “most eligible bachelor” according to Buffalo Spree!
  • Other Sabres eligible bachelors: Tyler Myers, Tyler Ennis, Shaone Morrisonn, Derek Roy, and Andrej Sekera. When asked about their hobbies/favorite activities, both Myers and Sekera mentioned sleep. I bet they’re exciting dates!
  • Yay! Pommer on the power play! Good boy! And just like that the Sabres are back in the game 3-2. Huh. How about that?
  • I might love Jordan Leopold a little. I definitely have a crush on the defensive pairing of Leopold and Montador. Nice play by Myers to get the puck to Leopold for that second goal.
  • Apparently all Niedermayer needed to play well was some Christmas spirit.
  • Florida has had no shots in the last thirteen minutes. This makes me happy. Almost giddy! Especially since in that time the Sabres have taken about the same number of shots on the Panthers and scored three goals. Yes, Amanda approves.
  • They just showed a stat for shots in the second: Buffalo-19, Florida-1. They just got another one that Ryan Miller saved, but still – two shots in the entire period? Methinks the Panthers might be running out of gas. How sad. HAHAHAHAHA
  • Myers just took a shot and I can’t believe it didn’t decapitate anyone. My, my.

Didn’t like:

  • Memo to Paul Gaustad: putting your team two men short twice in about 10-15 minutes is not good and does not show leadership. Just so you know…
  • Hmmm. Down 3-o with five or six minutes left in the first. They can come back from this, but I have a bad feeling they won’t.
  • How did Niedermayer not score that goal? Oh. Cuz he’s Niedermayer.
  • According to Rob Ray, Lindy’s first intermission rant was way worse than Boudreau on 24/7. WOW.
  • I hope Derek Roy is not hurt badly. I didn’t see what happened.

WOW, that suckkkkkeeedddd. The Sabres are going on a West Coast road trip right after Christmas, and they rarely play well on those. Sigh. Their chances of making the playoffs are getting worse and worse, folks.

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