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Sabres vs. Lightning 4/5/11 Postmortem Guest Blog April 5, 2011

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Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa. I just have NOT had time or opportunity to blog lately. Luckily my mother is on the ball, and so, I bring you her guest commentary on tonight’s game.


After tonight, two more games and then it’s the play-offs! Let’s see if we can win these last three and go into the play-offs in high gear!


  • Enroth in goal again– Miller is starting to skate but it might still be a while. Maybe, too, Lindy is giving him more time to rest for the playoffs since Enroth is wiping the ice with opponents.
  • Sabres are all over the Lightning the first five minutes.  By halfway mark, the Lightning are starting to wake up so careful guys!
  • Congrats to Sabres sled hockey team who won the sled hockey championship this weekend.
  • Fantastic save by Enroth! Great move by Weber. He’s improving every game!
  • Two penalties by Tampa Bay—5 on 3. Let’s go boys. Yes! Goal by Pommer, there you go Amanda! Do you approve? (ED Note: I do approve!) Oops! Vanek tipped it.  1-1. Oh well…
  • Second goal by Vanek for tonight! He’s hot! Just in time for the playoffs I hope. Now Timmy scores and it’s clear the whole line is hot tonight! 3-1. Timmy alone has a goal and two assists.
  • Sabres handily neutralized the Lightning usually potent second period.
  • The second intermission Whip guys gave their opinions as to best surprises of season: Gerbe, Weber, and Enroth. Don’t know if I agree with that completely. I think I’d put Ennis in there too. He made a great play sliding on his stomach to clear the puck. Nice play by Gerbe too.
  • Vanek scores a hat trick on an open net to seal the victory! And the big-money players come through for the team tonight!
  • EXTRA Bonus! Sabres win eliminates Toronto from playoffs. Wahoo!

Didn’t like:

  • McCormick whiffed badly on a point-blank shot. Booo!
  • Lightning score first—Malone tipped it in. Sabres just stood there. 0-1.
  • In first period, Sabres have NO hits! TB has seven, Sabres moving and passing well though.
  • Second period—yawn……  until Weber and Malone decide to liven things up with a marathon fight. Fifty seconds long, a draw methinks. Last half second livened up. Thank goodness.
  • Sabres start the third period by giving up a goal by TB seconds into third period—Lecavalier. 3-2.
  • Sabres laying back too much in third period. When they do that, they get burned! Already charred by early third period goal.

And there you have it, folks: my mother’s impressions of the game.


Sabres vs. Leafs 3/12/11 Postmortem March 12, 2011

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The Leafs are calling this a “make or break” game. I vote for “break”.


  • Mike Weber shoots from the point and a nice screen in front makes it impossible for Reimer to see. Less than three minutes into the game and it’s 1-0 Sabres. I approve.
  • Sabres with a good kill early to preserve their lead.
  • The guys are going to the net with alacrity. I also approve of this.
  • Parrish gets lambasted by Phaneuf and Morrisonn comes over to have a chat.
  • I think Myers had eleven goals last year and no other defenseman had more than maybe five, right? Leopold currently has twelve, Myers has ten.

Didn’t like:

  • Vanek fans on the shot on the breakaway after a beauty of a pass from Pominville.
  • Reimer is starting to play better. I do NOT approve of this.
  • The Sabres need to start shooting from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Uh-oh. I hope Leopold is okay. He’s still on the bench but he looks to be in some pain.

Well, apparently my vote didn’t count, because the Leafs “made” it. Final score Buffalo 3, Toronto 4. Booo. Back home to play the Senators tomorrow at 5! Don’t forget to spring forward, y’all.

Sabres vs. Lightning 2/8/11 Postmortem February 9, 2011

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Full disclosure: I’m watching this game starting at almost midnight. I know the final score, but that’s how dedicated I am to you, my readers…


  • Nice save by Miller on Stamkos. The Sabres need to stop letting the Lightning march into their zone, though.
  • Wait, wait, wait. It looks like Tim Connolly cares tonight!
  • Hel-looo Steve Yzerman…
  • Oh, Jordan Leopold. How I love you… goes into that offensive zone with authority!
  • Yep, Leopold is having a very good game so far…
  • Wow, Myers just made Lecavalier look small.
  • Great play by Weber! He finds Vanek, and Vanek, as usual, puts it home.
  • Huh. I think Morrisonn just told Weber not to fight. And Weber listened.
  • And the bodies are flying!
  • Jordan Leopold continues his great play. What a tying goal!
  • I love it when the Sabres are full of piss n’ vinegar!
  • Uh-oh, they’ve angered the German!
  • I have a feeling Tyler Myers would win a footrace with Martin St. Louis.
  • WHAT A PASS, Tyler Ennis. Tim Connolly owes you a steak dinner.
  • Um, are the Lightning unfamiliar with Vanek? After all the goals he’s scored against them?
  • Oh, now this is just getting silly. Staffy scores another one…
  • Aaaannndddd yet another one. Go Staffy!

Didn’t like:

  • I like Chris Butler, but get well soon, Steve Montador!
  • Note to opponents: how many times do I have to tell you not to hit Tyler Ennis? It will end badly for you!
  • Well, Stafford gives away the puck and Miller lets in one he probably should’ve had. Alrighty then.
  • Oh, Tyler Myers. You bad boy! Sit in box and feel shame!
  • Heh. Smaby took one in the cup.
  • Whoa, Sekera was beaten badly on that play…
  • Memo to Nathan Gerbe: punching to the head is a penalty. Tonight, at least.
  • Memo to other Sabres players: Nathan Gerbe is only ‘ittle. Don’t hurt him.
  • I hope you’re all right, Ryan Malone. In other news, ice is slippery.
  • This was not Sekera’s finest game. And that’s okay.
  • Stafford was pushed into Roloson.
  • Man, that’s a full penalty box, boys… good thing it didn’t come back to bite you.

Sabres are off to Miami. Maybe they’ll see Michael Westen there. If they do, and they could throw him into a duffel bag for me that would be great! See you Thursday! Final score: 7-4 Sabres! Woo!

Sabres vs. Sharks 1/6/11 Postmortem January 7, 2011

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I’m doing a million other things while I watch this game, so I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to make too many great observations, but I’ll do what I can. 😉


  • The guys came out with some jump. Maybe losing that Colorado game pissed them off. That would be nice…
  • The play from Niedermayer to McCormick was a nice one and McCormick made a good decision shooting. Luke Adam kept going to the net and cashed in on the rebound. Kids: this is why you keep going to the net.
  • Jochen Hecht makes a nice play and SCORES A GOAL! Yes, you read that right.
  • They’re crashing the net. Yay!
  • Pominville makes a nice play to get the puck out of the zone. Kudos to the guy he passed it to (I missed who it was) for being in a position to accept the pass.
  • The Sharks are getting smothered at every turn. Hopefully that will increase their frustration level and thus their penalty-taking. I approve of this.
  • I’ll give Ryan Miller credit. So far he’s made the saves when the Sabres needed him to.
  • I like Vanek and Pominville playing together. I never understood why they didn’t play together more.
  • Did they offer a bonus for hitting tonight?

Didn’t like:

  • Mike Weber needs to see Rob Ray for some boxing lessons. Kudos for not backing down, but he didn’t win that fight.
  • Tim Connolly has been pretty weak on faceoffs for the past couple of weeks. He’s at 29% after one period, 33% after two. Jochen Hecht joins him in Suck-land with a 29% win rate after two periods.
  • I don’t like Dany Heatley. That is all.

Now THAT was the kind of road game the team should be playing more often. Well done! On to Phoenix on Saturday! Say Hello to BizNasty for us!

Sabres vs. Bruins 1/1/11 Postmortem January 1, 2011

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I’m DVR’ing the Winter Classic while I watch this game. I have no idea if I’ll get through both tonight, as I believe I’m getting sick. Boooooo…

Nice ceremony for Jim Kelley and Alexander Mogilny – a well-deserved honor for both.


  • Nice follow-up by Pominville on that goal. Savard goes after him for some unknown reason afterward. One thing I’ll never understand about Savard: why is he still trying to fight people after that concussion? I will give Tim Connolly credit for being the first guy to go back after Savard.
  • McCormick fights McQuaid. McQuaid looked bigger so having it end in a draw ain’t bad.
  • Yes, the Sabres are losing, but I do like how physical they’re being here in the first.
  • Thomas Vanek shows why he’s a goal-scorer. But Vanek probably should’ve gotten a penalty there…
  • Hee hee hee. And Rask gets pulled after the first. A little puzzling, but whatever.
  • Nice hit by Mike Weber. I hope he can stay in the lineup.
  • Wow. What a save on Horton.
  • The population of Pominville is experiencing an explosion tonight. Yay!
  • Ok, so maybe Staffy has redeemed himself…

Didn’t like:

  • Bad time to lose a faceoff, Goose. Also, where was the winger? I’m not sure who it was – Ennis? Anyway, you’ve got to take care of your assignment.
  • Eesh. The goals, the goals. The goals against. Not good, boys.
  • One decent shot on the power play. Again, not good, boys.
  • And now a shorthanded goal? Double eesh.
  • I wouldn’t call this a goaltending dual…
  • Memo to Drew Stafford: stop taking penalties. Bad Staffy! Bad!
  • No penalty for too many men in OT? Come ON!

And the Sabres head out West again… Here’s hoping Ryan Miller gets his head back on straight.

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