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Sabres vs Leafs 4/1/10 Postmortem April 1, 2010

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Ah, the Leafs. The team to cure all your ills.


  • Unfortunately Stafford will only get an assist for the Roy goal, but he was the one who made it happen. How ’bout you keep doing that kinda stuff, big guy?
  • I’m just not worried much anymore, even when the Sabres are down. They haven’t given me reason to be lately.
  • Nice drop pass by Pominville to Montador, who made no mistake and snapped a nice quick wrister home.
  • Heh. Miller stoning a Leaf on a breakaway gives me the warm and fuzzies.
  • Killed off a 5-on-3. Yay!

Didn’t like:

  • It’s nearly eight minutes into the game and I haven’t seen anything that warrants a bullet point yet. I don’t think THAT’S good.
  • You know, I could’ve sworn tripping was a penalty…
  • Is it just me or is it weird Bucky Gleason is the one who does the Inside the NHL column and chat for the Buffalo News? I mean, does he really follow hockey every day? He seems like a dabbler to me.
  • Wow, total chaos in front of the Sabres net results in a second goal against. And what will Miller doing flopping like a salmon during spawning season? Settle down…
  • Ok, seriously. You guys are gonna lose this game. You’ve got less than four minutes to wake up and tie it and then win. As much as these endings can be exciting, let’s just go ahead and sew this one up.
  • Holy crap. They couldn’t even find a check worthy of the Carubba Collision.

This game just didn’t inspire me to want to comment very much. Oh well. Next game is Saturday vs the Habs. Are they still in the playoffs? Some of these teams have gotta fall out of contention soon, right?


Sabres vs Canadiens 3/24/10 Postmortem March 25, 2010

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A day late, hopefully not a dollar short – here’s the Sabres/Canadiens postmortem post!


I would like to go on record that I knew it was Montador’s goal as soon as it was scored. Come on, NHL – give him the goal! It’s not like he’s a prolific scorer – the dude needs every point he can get. By the way, I loved him in front of the net. I’ve always thought putting one of our d-men in front of the opposition net is a good idea. After all, who knows better than a d-man where to stand and how to create the maximum amount of havoc?

I’m not going to do Like/Didn’t like for this post. Why? Because, frankly, I knew the score of the game going in and only watched the last five minutes of regulation and the shootout. But here’s what I thought:

  • Carey Price was shaky. I heard this morning he was coughing up rebounds all night. Memo to the Sabres: in the playoffs, you might want to cash a few of those in…
  • Ryan Miller kept them in the game. It was obvious even from the little I saw of the highlights that the team would’ve been dead meat without him.
  • Tim Connolly should not play on the point on the power play. I’ve seen him make too many mistakes for my comfort level. I liked Roy on the point, I like Pominville in the slot, Vanek in front of the net, but I don’t like Connolly anywhere but the half-wall.
  • The Sabres had a power play in overtime and couldn’t convert? Oy.
  • Three wrist shots, and two get by Price in the shootout. Nice shot selection, guys!
  • Ryan Miller has such a strange method in shootouts, but when he sticks to it, it seems to work.
  • I was sorry I didn’t see the split-screen with Ruff and Miller doing charades about when Miller should come to the bench. I could’ve used a good laugh last night, but I didn’t see it on my DVR footage.
  • 10 games to go, 10 points needed to win the division. Let’s hope the Sabres are playing .500 hockey going into the playoffs.
  • I vote we play Philly in the first round. That sounds like fun!
  • The Sabres are pretty healthy, which is great, but I better not hear they traded for Raffi Torres knowing he was injured. This situation is already way too close to Dominic Moore last year without that…

Sabres play the dreaded Ottawa Senators tomorrow. Blech. Kick their asses, boys!

It’s upside-down world! October 23, 2009

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TSN put out their Power Rankings for the week a few days ago. Check it out:


Ok, now I know what TSN said about the Rangers not letting in many goals, but come ON – # 1? Are you kidding?

Phoenix Coyotes? #3? Huh?

Atlanta Thrashers? #5? Who did they pay to make that happen?


Montreal Canadiens – #26. Oh wait, that’s right.

But Detroit #23? WOW. Maybe all those playoff appearances in the past couple of years have caught up to them. About time.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens as the season progresses. I have a feeling many of those teams will not be in those same positions come January.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where the Sabres are – #6.

Does this team have attitude? October 6, 2009

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I listened to Lindy Ruff this morning on WGR. He mentioned he wants the team to have “attitude”, and then Howard Simon said he’d heard some of the guys talking about a pack mentality. Did they all read the Twilight series over summer vacation or something? (If you don’t get the reference, there are werewolves in the books…) Moving on…

Now, it’s no secret for the past couple of years these guys have been as tough as Mallomars, which are delicious, by the way, but given the one game I’ve seen in its entirety they just look different to me. It might be wishful thinking, but I hope it’s not.

Lindy mentioned he’s told his players he’ll accept penalties for defending their teammates, showing they’re not going to take any crap, etc. He also said the penalty Derek Roy got in the 2nd period of the Montreal game was because he punched Maxim Lapierre. I gotta tell you – I can get behind that. Dude needs a good punch or three.

Now, I want you to read the last part of the paragraph above again. DEREK ROY got a penalty for PUNCHING another player. Derek Roy. Our little Derek, all grown up and getting belligerent. Nice.

As long as he keeps it on the ice and doesn’t do anything bad enough to get suspended, I’m good with that. Theo Fleury wasn’t a pushover even though he could fit in my pocket, with room to spare for Roy – why should our smaller guys get knocked around?

What do y’all think? Does this team have attitude?

Well. That sucked. October 3, 2009

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We went to the game. I can’t fault the effort. I can fault the boards. 😉 And now I’m mad at Spacho for trying to kill his ex-defense partner.


  • The effort – I didn’t see a whole lot of laziness. Except for Derek Roy, anyway.
  • The heart – this team does not look like the wussy Sabres of the past couple of years. I hope they keep it up.
  • Tyler Myers – looked like he belonged.
  • Drew Stafford on the fourth line – I knew Stafford is a skilled player yada yada yada, but he plays like the little bugger he should when he’s playing w/guys like Kaleta. It’s difficult not to give an honest effort playing on a line with Kaleta.
  • The Hecht/Gaustad/Grier line. I’ve never been a huge Hecht fan or a huge Grier fan, but I LOVE this line.
  • Chris Butler, in particular, and the defense in general, moving up on the play.

Didn’t like:

  • Maxim Lapierre. Dude needed to get punched in the face a whole bunch of times.
  • Scott Gomez. Ditto.
  • Travis Moen running into Miller and yet the goal Montreal scores on the play stands.
  • Active boards. Not a fan. Sabres need to spend some serious time learning their boards.
  • Derek Roy. Sloppy play, whiny. Bad combo.
  • Thomas Vanek. Invisible.

Funny thing: There was a scrum behind the net. It was one of many, since the refs didn’t have control of this game at all. Anyhoo, so there’s a whole mass of humanity, and Tyler Myers wades into the fray and starts pulling people away. I looked at my hubby and said, “Here’s what Myers just said – ‘I’m tall, I’ll take care of this.'” Hee.

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