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Sabres Behind-the-Scenes: Draft Day, Part 2 June 9, 2010

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Darcy Regier: Ok, can we get serious now? We’ve got a lot to discuss! I don’t want to just go in there and blurt out any old name. That’s how we got stuck with Nathan Paetsch.

Everyone: *general murmurs of agreement*

Darcy: Thanks for attention finally, fellas.

Larry Quinn: I have a question, Darcy!

Darcy: You don’t have to raise your hand to ask a question, Larry.

Larry: Oh.

Darcy: *sighing* What do you want, Larry?

Larry: I was wondering why Tyler Myers is standing in the corner not moving. It’s creeping me out.

Lindy Ruff: Me too.

Tom Golisano: Me three.

Darcy: I asked Tyler to come here today and stand in the corner like a mannequin – a giant mannequin, but a mannequin nonetheless – to remind us of what we’re looking for in a first-round player.

Tom: Someone tall?

Darcy: Well, yes, preferably, but that’s not all.

Larry: Someone blond?

Darcy: Hair color has nothing to do with success. Look at Mark Recchi. That bastard has almost no hair left and he’s still an effective player.

Lindy: Fucker.

Darcy: What I meant with Exhibit A – also known as “Tyler Myers” – is that we need a player who can help us right away. God knows we need it.

Lindy: I like coaching in the playoffs!

Larry: And you’re very good at it, too. *pats Lindy’s head* You have nice hair, Lindy. I never noticed it before. It’s very sunny and yellow.

Lindy: Thanks! My wife picked it out to match my ties.

Tom: Great idea! I gotta get me one of those “wife” things. Monica’s not cuttin’ it anymore.


Everyone: Sorry, Darcy.

Darcy: I’m going to read a bio for a player I think we should pursue. Let me know what you think… Nickname is Tazer, but he’s also known as “Captain Serious” for his intensity and because he is more mature than his 21 years… Played two years at the University of North Dakota… Scored 85 points in 76 games for the Fighting Sioux…

Lindy: Darcy, seriously. That’s a bio for Jonathan Toews! What’s with the Toews obsession?

Darcy: He reminds me of Chris Drury.

Everyone: *general murmurs of agreement*

Lindy: But Toews is already drafted, and I doubt they’d be receptive to trade talks. Let’s move on. I’ve got a guy I think we should take a serious look at. His name is Brett Connolly…

Tom: *shudders* Don’t say that name!

Lindy: Brett?

Tom: No, Connolly. I refuse to even consider any player named Connolly.

Lindy: But they’re not related.

Tom: I don’t care. And I’m going to hold my breath until you stop talking about him. *starting to shake and turn blue*

Lindy: Seriously?

Larry: Lindy, you’re killing our billionaire team owner. Move on.

Lindy: Fine. How about this guy – Tyler…

Everyone: *groaning*

Lindy: WHAT?!?

Darcy: Another Tyler. Didn’t these freeging parents name their boys anything besides Tyler?

Lindy: Moving on. Tyler Toffoli is basically a younger Jason Pominville.

Larry: I love Jason Pominville! He showed me how much fun I could have playing with puppies and chasing rainbows.

Darcy: He’s done that for all of us. *wiping away a tear*

Lindy: He’s a right winger like Jason, he’s about the same as Jason, he doesn’t have elite talent but is a well-rounded player…

Tom: Like Jason!

Lindy: Yes. He does a good job of positioning himself…

Darcy: Like Jason!

Lindy: Yessssss. Can I finish?

Tom: *clapping* Go ahead! I’m so excited! I lurve Jason Pominville!

Lindy: Everyone does. Anyway, he’s got some offensive upside – like Jason and is a good teammate, like Jason.

Darcy: Let’s do it! Let’s draft him! You can never have too many Jason’s on your team.

Larry: Wait, I’m confused. His name is Tyler.

Darcy: *ignoring Larry* Give me his information, Lindy. I’ll make the call and get him in here for an interview.

Tom: Yay!

Stay tuned for the next installment of “Sabres Behind-the-Scenes”, where we’ll meet Tyler “Jason” Toffoli. Until then, pet a puppy and chase a rainbow, everyone!


Should Drew Stafford be worried? March 11, 2010

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Marc Mancari has played two very good games since being called up from the Pirates. Drew Stafford, who Mancari is basically replacing, has not been playing well this year – or, I would argue, last year either – at least based on the talent level he appears to have. Tyler Ennis also played well in his call-up, and Nathan Gerbe needs some seasoning, but has the raw talent to be a good NHL player.

If you’re Drew Stafford, are you worried about your roster spot? What do you guys think?

Here’s my take:

No, he shouldn’t be worried because –

  1. There will be room on the roster next season for him. Mair and Ellis are both UFAs – I doubt both will be re-signed, considering that at least one or two of the guys playing in Portland, including Mancari, may be ready to make the jump to the big leagues. Despite that, there should be room on the roster for him.
  2. For some reason Darcy Regier really seems to like him, and we all know what happens when Regier likes someone – they NEVER leave. I was shocked he actually unloaded Paetsch. I thought the kid was going to hang around forever drawing a paycheck for nothing. I’m not sure Ruff is as enamored with Stafford, and frankly, I don’t blame him. On most days I’d be hard-pressed not to smack him upside the head at least once.
  3. He has talent. That’s indisputable.

Yes, he should be worried because –

  1. You can never grow complacent in this league – there’s always at least one guy who’s looking over your shoulder waiting for you to get fat and happy.
  2. He doesn’t consistently use the talent he has.
  3. There are a lot of right wingers between the current Sabres and the future Sabres.

Conclusion: He shouldn’t be worried, but he shouldn’t be complacent.

Sabres play tomorrow! Wooooooo!

Sabres vs Stars 3/10/10 Postmortem March 10, 2010

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I was out tonight and DVR’d the game, but I ended up fast-forwarding through parts of it. Despite that, I noticed several things…

For this game, and this game only, I am only going to do a “Liked” section. Without further ado:


  • 42 shots? Nice!
  • Allowing only 19 shots? Nicer!
  • It was good to see Vanek get one. I’ve been worried about that boy committing hari-kari if he didn’t score soon. And of course if he did that he’d use his stick.
  • My opinion: Tyler Myers has the Calder sewn up unless some other youngin’ really steps up his game.
  • Mancari had a good game, and it’s about time. I don’t think he’s going to get too many more chances. Without the roster limit in effect, maybe Mancari will remain with the big boys even after Gaustad and Stafford come back.
  • I love Pat Kaleta. That is all.
  • I saw an end-to-end rush and was truly surprised when I saw the person streaking up ice was Steve Montador. Huh.
  • Tyler Myers and Henrik Tallinder, together, cover the entire width of the ice with their reaches. They are large humans. (H/T Doc Emrick)
  • Did they give that goal to Pominville? I hope so. He’s looked like such a sad pup lately.
  • Man, I wish Grier and Hecht had hands. It’s painful to watch.
  • Ryan Miller, to his credit slammed the door and gave his team a chance to win.
  • Roy had a good game. I was impressed when he didn’t throw it down the ice blindly at the open net that first time. The second time he had more time and space and went for it, which I’m fine with, but making the smart play the first time was good to see.
  • Marty Turco does not seem to be terribly good at hockey.
  • I like Niskanen (sp?) a lot. Can we trade, say, Paetsch… oh, wait. Um, MacArthur? Oh, wait… man, I think a lot of the albatrosses are gone! Who will we use as trade bait?!?
  • 10 takeaways by the Sabres to one from Dallas? I guess that’s how you get puck possession, eh?
  • Adam Mair won 73% of his faceoffs. Perhaps Goose’s broken wing has afforded him time to tutor his fellow centermen… although it appears Connolly and Ellis skipped that session, as both of their win percentages, well, sucked.

The Sabres play both Friday and Saturday nights, apparently both against Western Conference teams. Bring ’em on!

Sabres vs Capitals 3/3/10 Postmortem March 3, 2010

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So I was planning to do two separate posts today: one about the trades and one with this postmortem. Life conspired against me and I haven’t seen too much of the first period of this game, so I’m going to combine posts. Because I can.

To the trades first:

  • Upgraded at one position: from MacArthur to Torres
  • Lost a second rounder, gained a third and fourth rounder
  • Cut out some dead weight (can I get a “Hell yeah!” on that?)
  • Dumped some salary

Grade: B+
While I would’ve loved a big-time acquisition, we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. Considering how conservative Darcy Regier is, this is a pretty good day for him. I can’t really fault him for what he did.

On to the game…


  • Gotta like no Clarke MacArthur and Nathan Paetsch. Now that I’ve said that, moving on…
  • I do like how Jochen Hecht is willing to shoot from anywhere. I would bet he scores 75% of his goals that way.
  • Faceoffs help with puck possession, and for what it’s worth, Connolly and Roy, through a little more than two periods, are both over 70% in faceoff wins.

Didn’t like:

  • No Sabres shots six minutes into the second period? What’s up with that, guys? You do realize you can’t score if you don’t shoot the puck, right? Huh. Maybe you don’t.
  • Um, letting professional hockey players in alone on your goaltender is not a good idea. Letting REALLY GOOD professional hockey players in alone on your goaltender is a horrible idea. Just thought I might reiterate that.
  • Once again allowing too many shots. Y’all don’t need to convince us you have a great goaltender – we know, so start playing some defense in front of him so he doesn’t have to do all the work.
  • And now Versus has decided not to work. I think this is a sign from the hockey gods.

Ugh, I’ve got a migraine coming on – might be cutting this post short and going to bed. UPDATE: After over 10 minutes, Versus is still down for me, so I’m giving up. Sorry peeps.

Sabres play the Flyers on Friday night. Who the heck is the goaltender over there now that Emery is on season-ending IR?

World Junior Championships, and other stuff January 5, 2010

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  • So I’m trying to watch the World Junior Championships gold medal game, but I have a million other stupid little things I have to get done at the same time. The long and short of it – looks like an exciting game, and I’m surprised about how Canada’s goalie is playing (and not in a good way).
  • Nathan Paetsch cleared waivers (sigh). Let’s send him to Portland!
  • Pat Kaleta is slated to play tomorrow night. Yay!
  • A lot of you are wondering if Steve Montador has a girlfriend, judging by the frequency with which the search term appears in my blog stats. I do not know. However, if I’m ever waiting for the Roswell Park shuttle down by HSBC Arena for a half hour again and he happens to drive by I’ll jump into the road and ask. Why do I park at HSBC Arena if I work at Roswell Park? Excellent question. Because there isn’t enough parking on campus. Dumb, I know, believe me.
  • The Sabres Edge blog had two polls up today. Go vote and then come back, I’ll wait… Back? Good. I voted for “Overall team defense”, along with a scant 9% of the voters; and top scorers only have 11 goals, which was the most popular choice in the second poll at 36%. I contend that if the scorers ever started, well, scoring, this team could do some serious damage in the playoffs.
  • I love that Caps/Flyers commercial – especially the way Ovie and Richards look at each other. There should’ve been thought bubbles above their heads. Richards’ would read, “It’s on, bitch.” and Ovie’s could be, “Man, I’ll cut you.”

Sabres play a few home games, then go on the road for FOREVER about two weeks. Who will feed Pommer’s puppies while he’s gone?

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