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Sabres vs. Canadiens 2/15/11 Postmortem February 15, 2011

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Enroth is in goal. Ryan Miller is taking a nap. Patrick Lalime is, well, apparently completely superfluous.


  • A hit happened along the wall and hubs and I both said, “Who was THAT?” Turns out it was Nathan Gerbe. Alrighty then!
  • I have to give Connolly credit for hangin’ out behind the Sabres’ net trying to let time run out in the first period before the whistle was blown to start the PP.
  • Heh. And guess who scores? Staffy! By the way, when I saw that through-the-legs maneuver by Vanek I rolled my eyes. I’m not too proud to admit it. Nice job, Vanek!
  • Somebody needs to buy Jhonas Enroth a steak dinner after this…
  • Nice feed by Hecht to Pominville and he bangs one home.
  • Good try on a give n go by Paul Byron. It didn’t work, ultimately, but it was a quality play.
  • Wow. Smart play by Mike Grier to chip the puck out of the d-zone in the waning seconds of regulation.

Didn’t like:

  • Bad Tyler Myers! Bad!
  • Memo to the Sabres: having a shooting gallery in front of your AHL goaltender is a bad idea.
  • Pominville takes a penalty. Wow.
  • Shots are 154 Montreal with seven minutes left in the first period. This is… poor, fellas.
  • Cripey. The Sabres just can’t sustain any pressure at ALL.
  • How ’bout some defense, guys?
  • Sabres cannot buy a goal. Eesh.
  • Weber gets a penalty with about a minute and a half left and Lindy Ruff has kittens.

Sabres New Year’s Resolutions December 31, 2010

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In the spirit of being the ever-helpful fan that I am, I thought I’d give the boys some ideas about New Year’s resolutions. Here’s hoping they keep these suggestions and learn them, know them, live them.

Luke Adam: Continue to grow as a hockey player, both physically and skill-wise, and displace one of the barnacles hanging off the Sabres’ ship [see Connolly, Tim].

Tim Connolly: Start scouting for a team who’s looking for an oft-injured, highly-talented center who left his potential back in his high school rink (ED note: harsh, I know, and argue with me if you think you can win. Addt’l ED note: you can’t win.)

Tyler Ennis: Watch old tapes of Maxim Afinogenov. Watch new tapes of Maxim Afinogenov WHO IS IN THE KHL BECAUSE HE STICKHANDLED TOO MUCH.

Paul Gaustad: Remember that there’s more to hockey than being good at faceoffs.

Nathan Gerbe: Keep a picture of a hockey net on the fridge so it can be easily recognized during games.

Mike Grier: Learn how to score on a breakaway.

Jochen Hecht: Become the Angry German we would much rather see than this mopey dude.

Pat Kaleta: Get some new body parts and see a migraine specialist.

Cody McCormick: Send a late Christmas card to Adam Mair.

Rob Niedermayer: Invest in some “Just for Men” so the guys will making comments about the gray hair.

Jason Pominville: Populate his town, maybe make it necessary to open up a Planned Parenthood clinic there.

Derek Roy: Learn how to dance on one leg so trips to SoHo are still a possibility.

Drew Stafford: Figure out which personality is the real Drew Stafford – the kick-ass, take no names winger or the totally-invisible, furry-loving one. Kill the totally-invisible, furry-loving one.

Thomas Vanek: Do some research on Valium.

Chris Butler: Write a dissertation on how last season’s horrible play could be attributed to being paired with Craig Rivet. Try to figure out angle for explaining away this year’s horrible play.

Jordan Leopold: Look up what “egregious turnover” means and then stop committing them.

Steve Montador: Buy an “I’m awesome and I want a contract extension” t-shirt to wear around the rink.

Shaone Morrisonn: Figure out how to stay healthy for more than one game at a stretch. And call Mike Green to taunt him about his Vespa.

Tyler Myers: Use zinc lozenges before heading to Calgary next time.

Craig Rivet: Pick out a nice retirement home.

Andrej Sekera: Buy a baseball bat to keep away all the women flocking in his direction since the Buffalo Spree’s “Most Eligible Bachelor” list came out.

Mike Weber: Learn how to fight.

Ryan Miller: Start threatening teammates with show tunes in the locker room if they don’t kick their games up a notch or three.

Patrick Lalime: Bask in the reflected glory from Ryan Miller’s warm words at the NHL Awards last year.

Best reasons why the Sabres won’t suck forever December 29, 2010

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I know we’re all very down on the team right now, and with good reason. But I’d like to offer some hope to you, the downtrodden fans.

Hence, here are some reasons the Sabres won’t suck forever (in no particular order):

  • Tyler Ennis – even though I see shades of Maxim Afinogenov in him, at least his “give a damn” isn’t broken.
  • New owner Terry Pegula – not only does he have the money to field a competitive team, he understands hockey and appears to have a competitive spirit.
  • Tim Connolly/Jochen Hecht/Mike Grier/Craig Rivet/Rob Niedermayer/Patrick Lalime – all are set to become UFA’s at the end of the season.
  • The new kids on the block: Luke Adam, TJ Brennan, Marcus Foligno, Zack Kassian, Drew Schiestel – they’re looking good and getting more experience with every game.
  • Ryan Miller – is not an unrestricted free agent until after the 2013-2014 season.
  • Possibility of a new GM – Pegula hasn’t said whether or not he’ll keep the current management team around, but I have a feeling at least some of the front office will be cleaned out.
  • Draft placement – if the team continues to struggle they’ll get some good early draft picks.

Do we all feel better now?

Five reasons the Sabres are screwed December 27, 2010

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Normally I am a pretty positive fan, but I thought the loss of Derek Roy and being eight points out of a playoff spot with a West Coast roadtrip ahead of them would be a good time to panic.

Therefore, here are five reasons I think the Sabres are screwed:

  • With Derek Roy out, no center other than Paul Gaustad, who plays somewhat limited minutes, is in the Top 90 in faceoff win percentage.
  • Ryan Miller will need to rest soon, and Patrick Lalime’s stats are 0-4-0 with a GAA of 3.03 and a save percentage of .890. The Sabres currently sit in 21st place in goals scored with an average of 2.54 per game. If Lalime gives up three each time he plays wins don’t look likely.
  • The team takes the 9th-most penalty-in-minutes per game and their penalty kill ranks 19th in the league.
  • When they have a power play they only score 16.8#% of the time, for a ranking of 17th in the league. They’ve also allowed six short-handed goals, the second-most in the league.
  • On the road, the Sabres sit 26th in goals-for. Only the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Islanders, and New Jersey Devils have scored less on the road than the Sabres.

If the team shows me something tonight I’ll do a post with “Five reason the Sabres may not be screwed”, but until then, they’re screwed. Sorry, folks, but it doesn’t look good.

Sabres Naughty or Nice List December 22, 2010

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I have decided to be the judge AND jury regarding whether the Sabres should be receiving lumps of coal or awesome presents. I have to say – it doesn’t look like Santa is going to be very busy in the Sabres locker room this year…


Luke Adam: When called upon the kid has played pretty well.

Tyler Ennis: A little too much stickhandling for my peace of mind, but otherwise he’s growing into his own.

Patrick Kaleta: For the most part Kaleta has done what the Sabres pay him to do – annoy the hell out of their opponents.

Cody McCormick: This man has been a revelation. Give him whatever he wants – candy, records, hookers…

Drew Stafford: I’m giving Stafford a pardon off the “Naughty” list since when he’s in the lineup he’s been pretty effective.

Derek Roy: The only consistently good forward on the team.

Thomas Vanek: He’ll get a pass mostly because of the points he’s putting up. The -10 ain’t great, though. Maybe a stocking stuffer is all he’ll get.

Jordan Leopold: I know he makes egregious errors at times, but overall he’s been a steadying influence on the blue line. Plus, he gets points!

Steve Montador: Playing with Leopold seems to be agreeing with him.

Tyler Myers: I hemmed and hawed over this one, but I’ll put him in this category mostly because of the huge minutes he eats up and how he can still dominate when he’s feeling confident.

Andrej Sekera: He mostly makes it onto this list because of how good the Myers/Sekera has been lately. But I like the kid, too, and since I’m judge and jury I can do what I want.

Ryan Miller: ‘Nuff said.

Jhonas Enroth: Like Adam he’s played well when called upon.


Tim Connolly: I know he’s put up points – when he’s been in the lineup – but I just see nothing in him. This is an old, old song, and I’d like to throw the CD away.

Jason Pominville: Yes, I’m giving my favorite player a lump of coal. I don’t know what’s wrong, but please fix it. You’re making me sad.

Paul Gaustad: Mostly invisible.

Mike Grier: Ditto.

Jochen Hecht: A trainwreck for most of this season. Stop colliding with your own teammates at least, man!

Rob Niedermayer: Apparently he was hurt, but he’s also been a non-factor.

Nathan Gerbe: Taking around 30 games to score your first goal is not a good thing when you’re supposed to be a goal scorer, just FYI.

Craig Rivet: He needs to hang ’em up. Sorry, but he does.

Chris Butler: Struggling mightily, and making some costly mistakes.

Shaone Morrisonn: Apparently he’s been playing hurt too, which seems silly since the Sabres carry so many d-men on the roster.

Mike Weber: Another struggling young d-man. I really like Weber so I hope he can pull out of this.

Patrick Lalime: Same problem, different year…


Well, that ended up split almost evenly down the middle, which explains why the Sabres are so far out of the playoff race…

Do you disagree with any of my assessments? Let me know in the comments section!

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