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Oh! The jubiliation! Oh! The sadness! April 23, 2011

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I was at Pearl St Grill & Brewery for the game last night with some of my most favorite-ist Tweeps. We had an awesome time, and, as we all know by now, our beloved Sabres beat the sucky Flyers in overtime. That’s the jubilant part of me this morning.

Then there’s the sad part of me: my beloved Pommerdoodle, Jason Pominville, is likely done for the season after suffering a deep cut to his ankle. I am also sad that tomorrow’s game starts at three pm and I have to be go to dinner at five pm. There’s little chance of being able to see more than half of the game tomorrow.

So, let’s recap: Sabres won in overtime – Yay! Sabres lost Jason Pominville – Booooooo!


Sabres vs. Thrashers 3/19/11 Postmortem March 19, 2011

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Twelve games remaining and we’re tied with Carolina. Now you’re up to date. On to the show:


  • The Sabres start VERY quickly and Pominville pots one about a minute into the game after a beauty of a pass by Connolly.
  • So far the Sabres are all over the Thrashers. Let’s hope that continues.
  • Miller stopped the penalty shot after the Sabres take what I thought was a weak hooking call.
  • Mancari redirects a Myers point shot for his first goal this year. Enthusiastic celebration!
  • Pominville is having a HUGE period. Amanda approves.
  • A beautiful spin-o-rama by Gerbe.
  • Chris Butler gets his first of the year. Yep, “The butler did it!”. NOTE: they changed the goal to Niedermayer, so the butler is innocent. And scoreless.
  • Was finally paying attention enough to hear the goal song after Butler’s goal. I like it. I like it a lot!
  • After one period, the Sabres have a 15-6 edge in faceoffs. Brad Boyes and Paul Gaustad are both at 100% and no regular center is below 60%.
  • Pominville takes a hit AND keeps the puck. Hee hee hee.
  • Miller makes a great save to keep the Sabres in the lead. Yay!
  • I totally remember Rob Ray scoring that goal in the 98-99 playoffs. And little Stuey guy – awww!
  • Gerbe refuses to be denied. On the fifth try he puts it in.
  • Ennis gets a pretty clear breakaway. That goal’s gonna be on Sportscenter.
  • If Vanek keeps shooting one will go in. Keep the faith, Van.
  • Nice play to break up a good offensive chance, Butler.
  • Excellent job on the PSA, Cody McCormick.
  • Wow! Boyes just moved quick like a bunny! It’s 6-2 Buffalo. I hope they save some goals for tomorrow when I’ll be at the game.
  • Niedermayer gets his second of the night. What is going ON?
  • ANNNNDDDD Connolly scores as I was typing the above. Alrighty then.

Didn’t like:

  • Whoa. I didn’t even see what happened, but it’s tied.
  • Ennis is cut and blood drips out of somewhere. Blech.
  • Connolly hits the pipe as the 5-on-3 ends.
  • Vanek is stopped on a breakaway. The d-man was whacking him on the wrists. But apparently THAT’S not a penalty. Good to know.
  • I’m okay with using the goal horn, but is 15-20 seconds of it really necessary?
  • Pretty disorganized power play here at the end of the first period.
  • I do not approve of the bad angle goals, Ryan Miller.
  • Hey guys – how about you DON’T let Byfuglien just walk on into your d-zone without anyone so much as sneezing on him?
  • Vanek’s getting pretty frustrated. He takes bad penalties when he does that.
  • If Thorburn hurts my Pommerdoodle I’m going to be very upset!

Congrats to Ryan Miller on six straight seasons with 30 wins or more. Final score: Sabres 8 Thrashers 2

I’ll be at the game tomorrow night. See you then!

Sabres vs. Capitals 2/20/11 Postmortem February 20, 2011

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A rare daytime game for the Sabres on national TV.


  • Miller starting out strong so far.
  • Strong penalty kills, which is good, because there have been a lot of them.
  • Woo! Pominville puts a laser in on the power play. Yay! (Hey Caps, we only needed one power play to score – what’s your problem?)
  • The sound of the skates slicing through the ice is very cool.

Didn’t like:

  • Has anyone else noticed how short Grier’s shifts are?
  • Sabres getting into penalty trouble against a team like the Caps doesn’t seem like a good strategy for winning.
  • Don’t hurt our Pommerdoodle, Lindy!
  • Wow, what a strange bounce. Miller had no chance on that.
  • Why is Mike Grier taking up a roster spot? Seriously, why?
  • With 14 minutes left in the game, the Sabres have allowed 35 shots.

This is not a good way to secure a playoff spot, boys. Sabres 1, Capitals 2.

Jason Pominville: Sabres new goon? December 14, 2010

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I don’t know about you guys, but I think the “fight” Jason Pominville got into during the Pittsburgh came was HILARIOUS. Evidently Matt Cooke agreed. Poor Pommer.

Seriously, though, who would want to fight Jason Pominville? It’s like fighting a unicorn, or a panda bear. It’s just not cool and makes you look like a bully.

Leave our Pommerdoodle alone!

I'm a lovah, not a fightah!

Sabres vs. Devils 11/10/10 Postmortem November 10, 2010

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It’s Lindy Ruff’s 1000th game, boys. Let’s try not to suck.




  • Aw, cute Hank sighting! I suppose I could’ve put that under “Didn’t like” but it’s Hank. How can you not like Hank?
  • NiceĀ  pass by Kaleta out of the corner to Ellis. It resulted in a scoring chance. If Gaustad didn’t have hands of cement that might’ve turned into something.
  • Roy submarines Kovalchuk and comes out with the puck. Alrighty then!
  • Every game Cody McCormick does something that makes me fall in love with him just a little bit more. This time: a key shot block. Le sigh. Defense.
  • Yay! Good Pommer! And Connolly, I’ve give you credit for stickhandling on your knees. I give credit where credit’s due.
  • Double yay! Roy scores from the blue line with a bomb!
  • Two goals in 13 seconds makes me giddy. We want three!
  • Hey, Niedermayer did something! Nice goal by Tyler Myers, sneaking in from the point. How a guy who’s 6’8″ can sneak anywhere is beyond me but he seems to do it with regularity.
  • The Two Ty’s strike again!
  • Pominville ties up the puck nicely on the penalty kill. Remember when he and Roy used to play “Keep Away” when they were paired on the penalty kill? I miss those days.

Didn’t like:

  • Whoa. That was almost some very, very bad luck for Shaone Morrisonn. Luckily it wasn’t. HAHAHA
  • Vanek: you are FIRED. FIRED for passing that puck. You hear me? FIRED
  • Does Marty Brodeur even fit in that chair? Eesh.
  • I just noticed Mike Grier played tonight. There’s 10 seconds left in the game.

And the guys got a win for Lindy, with a biggggggggg assist to Ilya Kovalchuk for his HILARIOUS blooper at the end to seal the game. Well played, Mr. 100 million dollar man!

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