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Sabres vs Senators 9/28/10 Postmortem September 28, 2010

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Welcome to Hockeyville! Welcome to a 19-year-old goaltender versus Miller! Woo-hoo!


  • How adorable was it that players had to stand behind the bench?
  • The game gets started quickly for the Sabres, as they take a couple of shots right off the bat. Only bad luck prevented them from scoring.
  • Steve Montador made a Goals and Dreams donation of hockey equipment to local kids today. All together: “Awwwwww…”
  • *cackle cackle* Nice goal, Niedermeyer. Be sure you throw away that gift wrapping. Someone could trip over it.
  • Right at the end of his shift, Kassian still almost scores. Good effort even when you’re suckin’ wind, kid.
  • I’m liking Cody McCormick. I’m liking him a lot.
  • What a nice guy Pominville is! He just hugged the Senators goaltender!
  • Oh, Matthew Barnaby, you’re still a loyal guy. We love you.
  • I would like to answer the NHL’s question: Yes, it’s the year for the Sabres to step into the spotlight. Hells yeah!
  • Great pass, Luke Adam. Nice goal, Jason Pominville! Woo! Good boy!

Didn’t like:

  • Tim Connolly? Captain? Really, Lindy, really?
  • D-FENCE. DEEEEE-FENCE, Staffy. Learn it. Know it. Live it.
  • Memo to Steve Montador: Holding the stick is a penalty. And it’s not listed under “good penalties to take”.
  • Chris Neil, I dislike you just as much as ever. Go ‘way.
  • Who forgot the tape for Bettman’s mouth?
  • I’m not at all sure I want to know how it is the announcers have seen Tyler Myers’ “pythons”.
  • Wow, guys, let me clue you in on the definition of “power play”. It means you have more players on the ice than they do. It’s an ADVANTAGE for you. Use it.
  • Brian Murray’s mouth moves WAY more than it needs to when he talks. It’s quite disconcerting, really.
  • Uh, guys? Your Vezina-winning goaltender just got bowled over. Look alive out there, at least. Sheesh!
  • Who wanted to see Kassian and Neil go at it? *hand shoots up* They never let me have any fun…

Nice win, boys. See ya on Thursday!


Sabres vs Maple Leafs 9/25/10 Postmortem September 25, 2010

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Well, I only saw pieces of this game on a tiny screen on my PC, so this is going to be a disjointed post. I was going to watch the NHL Network broadcast that was supposed to run at 11pm tonight, but it appears that it’s blacked out, so you can blame all the dummies who won’t let us watch preseason games for my inability to entertain and inform you with my hard-hitting analysis. Moving on…

  • Yes, the Leafs did not field their “A” team. Yes, the Sabres put a lot of their top guys out. Yes, the Leafs were playing their 6,397,294th game in the past two days, and this was the first Sabres preseason game, BUT the Sabres looked like the MUCH stronger team in general. They controlled play throughout the entire game from what I could see.
  • This new dude for Toronto – Kadri? Yeah, him. Didn’t look very impressive to me. I thought he was supposed to be the next coming of [INSERT SOME GOOD MAPLE LEAFS CENTER HERE]. Perhaps he needs a little more seasoning. I’d suggest rosemary. It’s delicious.
  • Hey, uh, Pominville – I thought I heard you spent a lot of the summer taking shots. Were they AT THE NET? Eesh.
  • Stafford looked like a beast. Lets keep that up for a full season and we’ll talk.
  • I love Gerbe, but I hope to hell his mouth doesn’t write a check that his pint-sized body can’t cash. I mean, I know Gaustad and McCormick and Morrisonn et al will have his back, but geez, he’s a little punk.
  • I liked what I saw of Kassian, but I need to see more.
  • I thought Sekera played a good game. I didn’t notice Schiestel or Adam much. I saw Butler make a couple of good plays.
  • Miller was in mid-season form. Enroth played well too.
  • Roy had a very good game. Way to dive for that poke check to bail out your defense. That’s showing leadership when wearing the “C”. Good job.
  • Vanek and his “I hate myself and everything around me” attitude are back. Let’s hope that translates into forty goals.
  • Did Connolly play tonight? Yeah, he did. I heard he made a good play. I didn’t see it, so I can’t confirm the sighting.
  • Didn’t see enough of Morrisonn to form an opinion, but a pairing of Morrisonn and Myers does seem beast-like to me…
  • Poor Goose got hurt in his very first game. Kind of like Poz! At least Goose was able to come back and finish the game, unlike Poz…
  • Niedermeyer’s goal looked nice, but it looked like Kassian made the play more than he did. Other than that I really didn’t notice him, so I’ll reserve judgment on him too.
  • Ennis’s game picked up as time wore on. He’s a scrappy kid, I’ll give him credit for that. I’m curious about what he can do if he makes the team. I’d like to see him add about twenty pounds to his frame. I could beat that kid up.
  • I agree with Mike Harrington that CodyMcCormick is an upgrade from Adam Mair. He had a decent game tonight.

Did I miss anyone? Wow, that wasn’t bad considering how much of the game I actually saw! I’m still mad that NHLN blacked out the game. Curses!

PS: I know I didn’t insert a Maple Leafs center. That’s how little I care about their team.

A guide to watching the Sabres September 24, 2010

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Since there’s a lot of new personnel, and a new season starting, and there’s also the possibility that you’re a new fan (gasp!) I thought I would provide this handy guide to how to watch Sabres hockey this season. Without further ado…

  1. Get the largest TV you can. Life-sized Sabres are awesome.
  2. Gather snacks. Hockey games can last up to three hours, and I don’t know about you, but I work up an appetite cheering on my favorite team.
  3. Put on your comfy clothes. Jumping off the couch after a great goal is much harder when your waistband is cutting into your gut.
  4. Tell everyone around you to leave you alone. Until June. At least.
  5. Secure something soft that you can throw at the television if a player/the team/the ref does something stupid. After all, you don’t want to hurt that nice, big TV, right?

Now that your preliminary prep work is done, here’s what you need to know about the personnel:

  1. That big guy on the blue line? No, not Tyler Myers – you know him, silly! The other guy. His name is Shaone Morrisonn. Yes, I realize there are a few too many letters in his name. Take it up with his parents. Anyhoo, here’s the skinny on him: he’s large, he’s a stay-at-home defenseman, and he doesn’t seem to mind dropping the gloves. Any questions? Didn’t think so.
  2. That smaller guy on the blue line? That’s Jordan Leopold. Let’s call him Hank, part deux. He’s more of an offensive defenseman than Morrisonn. I’ve heard he’ll play with Montador. He doesn’t have Hank’s size, but that’s ok. He’s a good skater, has a good shot, and seems to be capable of carrying the puck up ice. (Yay!) He will almost definitely see time on the power play.
  3. The old guy on the third line? That’s Rob Niedermeyer. No, not Scott. Rob, his brother. Rob’s a forward. Yes, I know it’s confusing because Scott was a defenseman, but Rob is a forward. And a pretty decent one at that. I know I shouldn’t be calling him an old guy since he’s two years younger than me, but hey, he looks way older than me, so HA! He’s a grinder, a wily veteran, a guy in the sunset of his career. Sound familiar? See Grier, Mike.

I think you’ve seen all the other guys at least once, but here are a few refreshers: if you notice just the top of a helmet skate by, that’s Nathan Gerbe. If a player turns to the side and disappears, that’s probably Tyler Ennis. The rest of the cast of characters should be well-known to most of you, but if not, hey, check out the handy-dandy Media Guide. But remember, everyone has a bad hair day every now and then, and apparently the entire team had one on picture-taking day. Don’t judge them.

Hockey is back!

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