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Sabres vs. Blues 2/18/11 Postmortem February 18, 2011

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So Rob Niedermayer is scratched. The peasants rejoice!

Terry Pegula is ratified as the Sabres’ new owner. The peasants rejoice!


  • The Sabres start out pretty well in the first five minutes. They look like they have some jump tonight, at least.
  • So Drew Stafford is third in the league in goals per game, behind Crosby and Stamkos. Pretty elite company. Drew! You’re our only hope! Please shoot the puck!
  • Gaustad just used his “large human-ness” to throw a guy about three feet.
  • Myers reached over a guy to take the puck away from him. Hilarious.
  • Morrisonn has been moving up on the play more. I hope something good comes of it.

Didn’t like:

  • How many saves are the goalposts making these days? Eesh.
  • Oh, Tim Connolly, you make me hate you so…
  • The Sabres need to seriously consider declining penalties.
  • Yep, saw that first St. Louis goal coming a mile away.
  • This is an incredibly boring game.
  • Thomas Vanek inexplicably blows a tire.
  • Holy cow – they’re getting shut out at home by a team that isn’t supposed to be as good as them. What’s going on?

Sabres vs. Lightning 2/8/11 Postmortem February 9, 2011

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Full disclosure: I’m watching this game starting at almost midnight. I know the final score, but that’s how dedicated I am to you, my readers…


  • Nice save by Miller on Stamkos. The Sabres need to stop letting the Lightning march into their zone, though.
  • Wait, wait, wait. It looks like Tim Connolly cares tonight!
  • Hel-looo Steve Yzerman…
  • Oh, Jordan Leopold. How I love you… goes into that offensive zone with authority!
  • Yep, Leopold is having a very good game so far…
  • Wow, Myers just made Lecavalier look small.
  • Great play by Weber! He finds Vanek, and Vanek, as usual, puts it home.
  • Huh. I think Morrisonn just told Weber not to fight. And Weber listened.
  • And the bodies are flying!
  • Jordan Leopold continues his great play. What a tying goal!
  • I love it when the Sabres are full of piss n’ vinegar!
  • Uh-oh, they’ve angered the German!
  • I have a feeling Tyler Myers would win a footrace with Martin St. Louis.
  • WHAT A PASS, Tyler Ennis. Tim Connolly owes you a steak dinner.
  • Um, are the Lightning unfamiliar with Vanek? After all the goals he’s scored against them?
  • Oh, now this is just getting silly. Staffy scores another one…
  • Aaaannndddd yet another one. Go Staffy!

Didn’t like:

  • I like Chris Butler, but get well soon, Steve Montador!
  • Note to opponents: how many times do I have to tell you not to hit Tyler Ennis? It will end badly for you!
  • Well, Stafford gives away the puck and Miller lets in one he probably should’ve had. Alrighty then.
  • Oh, Tyler Myers. You bad boy! Sit in box and feel shame!
  • Heh. Smaby took one in the cup.
  • Whoa, Sekera was beaten badly on that play…
  • Memo to Nathan Gerbe: punching to the head is a penalty. Tonight, at least.
  • Memo to other Sabres players: Nathan Gerbe is only ‘ittle. Don’t hurt him.
  • I hope you’re all right, Ryan Malone. In other news, ice is slippery.
  • This was not Sekera’s finest game. And that’s okay.
  • Stafford was pushed into Roloson.
  • Man, that’s a full penalty box, boys… good thing it didn’t come back to bite you.

Sabres are off to Miami. Maybe they’ll see Michael Westen there. If they do, and they could throw him into a duffel bag for me that would be great! See you Thursday! Final score: 7-4 Sabres! Woo!

Sabres vs. Senators 1/25/11 Postmortem January 25, 2011

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You’re still on probation, guys. Don’t make me put you back in jail!


  • WHAT A PASS TYLER ENNIS. He goes through the defensemen’s legs, right on Byron’s tape, and Byron makes no mistake, potting his first NHL goal.
  • The Sabres are coming out fast here – hopefully they keep up that energy level.
  • Paul Byron is having a strong start as a Sabre, and in front of his parents! All together now: awwwww….
  • Great takeaway by Vanek. Unfortunately the Sabres can’t convert.
  • Wow, coast-to-coast Tyler Myers shovels one to Hecht for his eighth. The Sabres are moving out of their zone and into the Senators’ with authority. I like it. The defense is backing right off.
  • Holy crap! No Senator is a plus player?
  • WHOA – Shoane Morrisonn – Amanda approves!

Didn’t like:

  • Yeah, I thought I was going to be able to just sit and watch the game. HAHAHAHAHA So I missed part of it. Sue me (or, rather, the people and things that caused me to miss time).
  • Well, that sucked. Also, one shot on goal in nearly fifteen minutes in the third? NOT GOOD. Just in case you’re wondering, boys…

Final score: Sabres 3 Senators 2

See ya after the All-Star Break! I’ll probably blog the All-Star Weekend – other than that, it’s time for a blog break!

Sabres New Year’s Resolutions December 31, 2010

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In the spirit of being the ever-helpful fan that I am, I thought I’d give the boys some ideas about New Year’s resolutions. Here’s hoping they keep these suggestions and learn them, know them, live them.

Luke Adam: Continue to grow as a hockey player, both physically and skill-wise, and displace one of the barnacles hanging off the Sabres’ ship [see Connolly, Tim].

Tim Connolly: Start scouting for a team who’s looking for an oft-injured, highly-talented center who left his potential back in his high school rink (ED note: harsh, I know, and argue with me if you think you can win. Addt’l ED note: you can’t win.)

Tyler Ennis: Watch old tapes of Maxim Afinogenov. Watch new tapes of Maxim Afinogenov WHO IS IN THE KHL BECAUSE HE STICKHANDLED TOO MUCH.

Paul Gaustad: Remember that there’s more to hockey than being good at faceoffs.

Nathan Gerbe: Keep a picture of a hockey net on the fridge so it can be easily recognized during games.

Mike Grier: Learn how to score on a breakaway.

Jochen Hecht: Become the Angry German we would much rather see than this mopey dude.

Pat Kaleta: Get some new body parts and see a migraine specialist.

Cody McCormick: Send a late Christmas card to Adam Mair.

Rob Niedermayer: Invest in some “Just for Men” so the guys will making comments about the gray hair.

Jason Pominville: Populate his town, maybe make it necessary to open up a Planned Parenthood clinic there.

Derek Roy: Learn how to dance on one leg so trips to SoHo are still a possibility.

Drew Stafford: Figure out which personality is the real Drew Stafford – the kick-ass, take no names winger or the totally-invisible, furry-loving one. Kill the totally-invisible, furry-loving one.

Thomas Vanek: Do some research on Valium.

Chris Butler: Write a dissertation on how last season’s horrible play could be attributed to being paired with Craig Rivet. Try to figure out angle for explaining away this year’s horrible play.

Jordan Leopold: Look up what “egregious turnover” means and then stop committing them.

Steve Montador: Buy an “I’m awesome and I want a contract extension” t-shirt to wear around the rink.

Shaone Morrisonn: Figure out how to stay healthy for more than one game at a stretch. And call Mike Green to taunt him about his Vespa.

Tyler Myers: Use zinc lozenges before heading to Calgary next time.

Craig Rivet: Pick out a nice retirement home.

Andrej Sekera: Buy a baseball bat to keep away all the women flocking in his direction since the Buffalo Spree’s “Most Eligible Bachelor” list came out.

Mike Weber: Learn how to fight.

Ryan Miller: Start threatening teammates with show tunes in the locker room if they don’t kick their games up a notch or three.

Patrick Lalime: Bask in the reflected glory from Ryan Miller’s warm words at the NHL Awards last year.

Sabres vs Panthers 12/23/10 Postmortem December 23, 2010

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I’m coming into this postmortem having listened to the first ten minutes on the radio. I have to say, this doesn’t sound good.


  • Even though they took penalties I’m happy to see the guys stick up for Miller. As Rob Ray said, Florida should remember that they have a goaltender too.
  • Well, that was a strange couple of minutes. At least the Sabres got a goal out of it.
  • Nice play by Montador to prevent a breakaway. He’s a “most eligible bachelor” according to Buffalo Spree!
  • Other Sabres eligible bachelors: Tyler Myers, Tyler Ennis, Shaone Morrisonn, Derek Roy, and Andrej Sekera. When asked about their hobbies/favorite activities, both Myers and Sekera mentioned sleep. I bet they’re exciting dates!
  • Yay! Pommer on the power play! Good boy! And just like that the Sabres are back in the game 3-2. Huh. How about that?
  • I might love Jordan Leopold a little. I definitely have a crush on the defensive pairing of Leopold and Montador. Nice play by Myers to get the puck to Leopold for that second goal.
  • Apparently all Niedermayer needed to play well was some Christmas spirit.
  • Florida has had no shots in the last thirteen minutes. This makes me happy. Almost giddy! Especially since in that time the Sabres have taken about the same number of shots on the Panthers and scored three goals. Yes, Amanda approves.
  • They just showed a stat for shots in the second: Buffalo-19, Florida-1. They just got another one that Ryan Miller saved, but still – two shots in the entire period? Methinks the Panthers might be running out of gas. How sad. HAHAHAHAHA
  • Myers just took a shot and I can’t believe it didn’t decapitate anyone. My, my.

Didn’t like:

  • Memo to Paul Gaustad: putting your team two men short twice in about 10-15 minutes is not good and does not show leadership. Just so you know…
  • Hmmm. Down 3-o with five or six minutes left in the first. They can come back from this, but I have a bad feeling they won’t.
  • How did Niedermayer not score that goal? Oh. Cuz he’s Niedermayer.
  • According to Rob Ray, Lindy’s first intermission rant was way worse than Boudreau on 24/7. WOW.
  • I hope Derek Roy is not hurt badly. I didn’t see what happened.

WOW, that suckkkkkeeedddd. The Sabres are going on a West Coast road trip right after Christmas, and they rarely play well on those. Sigh. Their chances of making the playoffs are getting worse and worse, folks.

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