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Sabres vs Ducks 1/19/10 Postmortem January 20, 2010

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Well, I’m starting this blog post at 14 minutes to go in the first period. It’s 3-0. This is not an auspicious start.

However, if they do suck and lose this game it’s going to be tough to be mad at them.


  • Aaaannnndddd Kaleta draws his nightly penalty. Yawn… which then promptly gets negated by a dumb penalty. Should I move this into the “Didn’t like” area? Probably. However, this “Liked” area is such a vast wasteland of awfulness I’ll leave it here out of pity.
  • Ok, something to like. A power play at the beginning of the second period! I think Connolly and Vanek said, “We ARE going to score on this power play. If we don’t, Lindy is going to cut us.” And they DID score!
  • Nice job, MacArthur. By the way, for those of you playing at home, there are now two players with 13 goals (Vanek, Pominville), one with 12 (Stafford), and another four with 11 (Connolly, Roy, Hecht, MacArthur). Balanced scoring=good.
  • I am really impressed with Steve Montador. he’s not flashy, but he’s solid, and when he feels like it, he’s got some hands.
  • Good second period. Keep it up, guys. Put your foot on their throat and press down until their eyes bug out. You’re welcome for the visualization.
  • Lindy is really working the forwards’ ice time well tonight. Through two periods no Sabres forward had more than 12 minutes of ice time. Jochen Hecht, interestingly enough, only has 6:50. Maybe he’s falling out of favor with Lindy.
  • Ryan Miller, I want to bake you a pie. You’re awesome.

Didn’t like:

  • First six minutes of the first period. WTH, guys? Did you figure you could take the night off after your performance last night? Guess what? You can’t.
  • The Sabres look like they’re skating in sand in their own zone.
  • Hey – try not to run into each other, boys.
  • What an odd graphic about Ryan Miller’s stats. Is he standing on the moon?
  • Aaaannnddd the defensive suckitude continues. I would like to amend my previous “first six minutes of the first period” to “first 10 minutes of the first period”.
  • Here comes Ryan. Try to support him, guys. Just a little. Please? By the way, I’m pretty sure I saw Pat Lalime in the hallway behind the bench talking to Cellino and Barnes about filing a lawsuit against his teammates for lack of support.
  • Who thinks Lindy Ruff is pulling a Herb Brooks in there? You think he’s calling one of the injured guys a wuss? Telling him to put on his gear? Turning over tables?
  • Memo to Ducks announcers: That was NOT a dive by Derek Roy. But thanks for propagating that theory again.
  • Oh Pommer. Oh Timmy. You guys are soooo buying dinner…

Geez – how many Sidney Crosby clones were on the ice at one time during the Pens/Islanders game tonight? Two goals and four assists? Oh myyyy… And Malkin scored his 15th, 16th, and 17th goals. That means he had 14 going into this game. OUCH.

Congrats to Tyler Ennis on being named MVP at the AHL All-Star Game. That kid is all kinds of impressive.

Nice comeback. Too bad they couldn’t win it, but like I said above, I’m ok with it. At least they didn’t give up.

Now the guys get a little time off in the fun and sun of California. Well, the fun anyway, since the forecast is for around 55-60 degrees and raining for the next several days.


Sabres vs Penguins 12/19/09 Postmortem December 19, 2009

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It’s always fun, but at the same time, not fun, to watch the Sabres play the Penguins. I will fully admit I like the Penguins. Yes, they play in the same conference as the Sabres, but if you are a true hockey fan I think you should be able to appreciate the beauty that is this Penguins team. How can you not enjoy watching guys like Crosby, Malkin, and Letang, especially when they’re playing other teams. Feel free to disagree in the comments, but you won’t change my mind.

Moving on…


  • Not many offensive chances for the Pens yet. It’s only about 10 minutes into the first period as I’m writing this, but hey, any time spent without offensive chances for the opposition is a good thing in my book.
  • Finally, Pommer, finally.
  • Balanced scoring. While I love having Thomas Vanek around (get well, or at least less bruised soon, Van!), I’m a bigger fan of rolling four lines and having all of them capable of scoring.
  • Kaleta’s such a punk.
  • I didn’t see where Pittsburgh was in power play rankings but Buffalo handled them very well for the most part.
  • Halfway through the game the hits are 16 for the Sabres and 5 for the Pens. Huh.
  • Henrik Tallinder, I fall more in love with you more every game.
  • I’m really impressed with the defense this season, both the back six and the total team defense.
  • Tim Kennedy can be really frustrating with how quickly he can pivot.
  • What a dive (in a good way!) Roy had on the power play. He works hard on the penalty kill.
  • I like the increased motion on the power play. I thought it was interesting when I first heard Lindy Ruff talk about it.
  • Lalime has had a great game. I’ll be honest – I didn’t have high hopes for Lalime, particularly after he had hip surgery, but he’s played really well for the most part.
  • The Sabres kept Crosby to 50% in faceoff wins. Goose was at 68% in regulation, Roy was at 61%. Nice job, boys.

Didn’t like:

  • A 5-on-3 with virtually no chances. Oy.
  • Hubby thinks Staffy is drunk. If he is, that’s not good.
  • Should I bother to make another derogatory comment about the Cellino & Barnes pop-ups? Yes, I think I should. They’re dumb.
  • Myers isn’t playing particularly well on the power play. Might be time to let him sit out a few and watch.
  • Overall I like Roy’s play but the giveaways, oh, the giveaways…
  • Well that was dumb, Mr. Goligoski.

When Pommer got hit in the first period hubby said (referring to the hitter), “What, does that guy hate puppies and rainbows?”

Heh. I have to admit I thought it was hilarious when Kevin Sylvester was reporting on the Rangers/Flyers game and said “Chris Drury scores for the first time in forever”. Did Sylvester and Robitaille call each other to coordinate their ties?

Apropos of nothing… Tim Kennedy looks soooo young. I bet he hates that.

So, Toronto again on Monday. Let’s dismantle them again, eh boys? Man, I hope Toskala plays.

Sabres vs Devils 12/7/09 Postmortem December 7, 2009

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Reality is intruding on my hockey habit. I need to go get groceries since I’m busy the next three nights. However, never fear. I am DVR’ing the game, and when I have 1 – a list 2 – no babies, the chore goes pretty quickly.

Predictably the announcers on Versus are all but making love to Tyler Myers. Somewhere Sidney Crosby is muttering, “What about me? Am I old news?”

I’m sure it’s just me, but Doc Emrick’s “Drive!” annoys the hell out of me. I want my Rick Jeanneret.

Well, five minutes through the second and I have neither gone to get groceries nor liked anything I’ve seen out of the Sabres. At the end of the second I still haven’t found anything I liked. Frankly, this game is boring the heck out of me. I might not even bother to do Liked/Didn’t Like for this game.

Aaaaannnndddd when I got back from getting groceries and saw the boys had stunk up the joint again, I decided that what I’ve written so far is going to be my post.

Washington comes in on Wednesday. Let’s try not to suck, eh?

Katebits and I (and Jess) are soulmates September 26, 2009

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So a couple of us female Sabres fans/blogger types (you know you want to, Jess) got together for some drinks last night. Kate, of Willful Caboose, and Jess, of BLOG TO BE INSERTED LATER, and I had a fun little debate at Cecelia’s over martinis and Restaurant Week fare.

Here are the results: (ladies, feel free to correct me if I got any of the following wrong)

  • We like Goose. We think he’s a righteous dude and we hope he didn’t see Kate in the Co-op.
  • We like Pominville. We think he’s a good hockey and adorable to boot.
  • We like Lindy’s yellow hair. We’re not sure Lindy is still an effective coach.
  • We LOVE Marty Biron.
  • We think Derek Roy is a good hockey player and a great whiner. We also think his suits are hilarious.
  • We think Drew Stafford is hot. (Hey, we ARE female and not dead)
  • We find Tyler Myers to be very tall, very young, and a good hockey player who needs a LOT of seasoning.
  • We think Tim Connolly is going to tear his groin getting out of his car to pump gas within the next week.
  • We’re pretty much done with Tallinder, but we think Bucky is crazy to suggest the Sabres waive Lydman.
  • We see Ryan Miller as very skinny and a little bit frightening.
  • We think Ty Conklin is cute.
  • We disagree about Alex Ovechkin. We also disagree about Sidney Crosby, but not about Evgeni Malkin.
  • We’re not sure the Sabres are good at hockey.
  • We think the concept of the penalty box is a hoot.
  • We love the organ.
  • We like the curmudgeony Mike Robitaille. We want to know if the elevator story is about Jess.
  • We think it should still be called Hockey Hotline.
  • We do not like it when people talk inane drivel during play. That’s what whistles and TV timeouts are for, kids.
  • We all have to do play-for-play for someone we go to games with.
  • We like the concept of “hockey husbands”.
  • We think the prospects look like babies, and that makes us sad.
  • We like musical hockey players.
  • We hope Jochen Hecht does not suck this year.
  • We’re not sure Gerbe OR Kennedy is going to make the team out of training camp.
  • We have no idea why Nathan Paetsch is still a Sabre.
  • We think the Sabres signed Mike Grier so Craig Rivet wasn’t the only grown-up.
  • We’ve nearly run players over with our cars, but we weren’t anywhere near the arena when these incidents happened.

I think that’s all I recall. I did have three martinis, you know.

Puck Daddy (and some of our own) preview the Buffalo Sabres September 7, 2009

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Puck Daddy has started a series of posts previewing each team. On Friday the Sabres were his target topic. Here’s what he had to say…

  1. The Sabres are totally screwed if Tim Connolly hurts his fragile ‘ittle self. Hmmm. I guess the Sabres are totally screwed then.
  2. If Tim Connolly doesn’t single-handedly take down the season with an injury, but Ryan Miller gets injured, the Sabres are still screwed. Ok, I agree with that point. Moving on…
  3. The Sabres have $8 million in cap space. First off, with 7,306,295 players squaring off for 23 roster spots, how can they possibly have that much cap room? Also, $8 million in cap room doesn’t mean the Sabres have any money they’re looking to spend. Their “cap” and the NHL’s cap are two very different things.
  4. It’s uncertain whether Derek Roy, Thomas Vanek, or Tim Connolly is their best offensive player. Derek Roy couldn’t have a consistent season if he used Emeril’s Essence and Tim Connolly is more fragile than a Ming vase being used as a soccer ball during a pickup game at the FedEx warehouse. Thomas Vanek is their best offensive player. Good thing he’s not very offensive-smelling, from what I can tell. Well, except right after playing, of course. They all smell offensive then.
  5. Huh. Jason Pominville’s goal totals have declined for three straight years? That’s not good. However, there’s more to our little Pommerdoodle than meets the eye. He can play forward or defense (if need be), he can take faceoffs (if need be) and win as many of them as several of our regular centers, he is part of the power play AND the penalty kill, takes a regular shift, is rarely injured, doesn’t bitch, isn’t a liability at either end of the ice, and looks very cute with his jersey tucked into his pants. He’s a yawn of an interview, but that’s not his fault. Obviously he’s been forced to attend “how to bore the media and fans to death” camp every year since he was 14. Wonder if he ever met Sidney Crosby there?
  6. Clarke MacArthur is the player most likely to “break out” this season. Heaven help us.
  7. There’s really nothing interesting or noteworthy to say about our defensemen, except that it would be fun to watch Tyler Myers fight Zdeno Chara. Wonder if Myers grew any more this summer? What do giraffes eat, anyway?
  8. Ryan Miller is a spokesmodel.
  9. Adam Mair can swear with the best of them.
  10. Lindy Ruff could be in trouble if this team sucks again.
  11. The dude from The Rink Podcast thinks the season hinges on Clarke MacArthur, Dan Paille, and Drew Stafford. Heaven help us, part deux.
  12. Katebits refuses to make a prediction, but somehow manages to make one anyway.
  13. Drew Stafford, Jochen Hecht, and Paul Gaustad can find another gear if a lot of forwards get injured. Heaven help us, part trois. And aren’t these three of the most-often injured guys? Can’t find another gear when you’re sitting in your living room in your Snoopy Underoos with ice on your groin (and can I just say – ouch) watching Sportscenter.

Well, that was cheerful. Read the entirety of Puck Daddy’s post here.

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