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Sabres vs Bruins 4/21/10 Postmortem April 21, 2010

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Ok, so I didn’t see much of the first 10 minutes of the game, since I was on baby-washing duty (almost threw her out with the bath water!), but I did notice one player: Cody McCormick. I like it. I like it a lot.


  • RJ mentioned somebody challenging Myers. My first thought: “Do you really think that’s wise?”
  • Oh, noooo, we’re not getting on Chara’s nerves… he seems perfectly sedate.
  • Glad to see that so far they aren’t getting out-muscled.
  • Some of the guys are sporting fairly impressive beards already. Some *coughTheTwoTylerscough* are not.
  • Wooo, Steve Montador! With a great screen by the “large human” Paul Gaustad.
  • I think Pominville is bionic.
  • Lindy is giving the fourth line a lot of ice time. I think he likes McCormick. I would imagine he’s Lindy’s kind of player.
  • Miller looks confident tonight. Hopefully he’ll have reason to continue to be confident.
  • Ennis has excellent puck handling skills. And he’s a hustler too!
  • And we’re going to oooovvvveeerrrrtttiiiimmmeeee…
  • Game-saving stop by Miller. And again…

Didn’t like:

  • The Bruins are amassing an impressive pile in my doghouse. First Boychuk, then Sobotka, then Lucic…
  • Goose, Goose, Goose. Giveaways in your own zone are bad. That one giveaway created an entire clusterfudge.
  • Huh. I’m a little surprised Sekera is still in the lineup.
  • Does Lucic do anything besides hit people? And why did he try to undress Rivet during the fight? Maybe he thinks Rivet is cute.
  • Heh. Sobotka had Myers beat and then blows a tire. Heh.
  • Lucic experiences the Kaleta Collision, and Buffalo takes another penalty. Both calls – this one and Cody McCormick’s penalty – are tough calls.
  • Normally I’m not one of those people who screams “Shooot!” but let me give you a short memo, Tim Connolly: SHOOT.
  • So what’s up with the Sabres suddenly blowing leads in the third? I am not a fan.
  • Did I mention I hate overtime? I feel dread. Sick dread.
  • If he scores I might change my opinion, but right now I think Connolly sucks.
  • Too many men on the ice penalty? Oh noooooooo…

Well then. On to Friday night. I’ll be out of town at a conference, so I won’t see the game. This is quite a hole to dig out of…


Sabres vs Bruins 11/20/09 Postmortem November 20, 2009

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I watched the game after I got home from New Moon. We had a lot of “audience particpation” in the form of swooning and screaming. Not by me, I should add. Anyhoo…


  • Tyler Myers going after Lucic after Lucic checked Henrik Tallinder. Good boy.
  • Toni Lydman making Mark Recchi do an unintentional double axle. I am not a Mark Recchi fan. He’s a baby.
  • The Sabres were hitting a lot in this game. They always play better when they’re hitting.
  • The play Pominville made for the first goal.

Didn’t like:

  • Zdeno Chara’s shot that Pominville blocked. Don’t hurt my Pommer, you freak.
  • The Sabres shots in the second period. Or, more accurately, the lack thereof.
  • The Bruins ran the net too much for my comfort and liking.
  • Clarke MacArthur seems pretty much invisible if he’s not scoring a goal. I don’t think that’s good.
  • Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

I think this is one of those times where I’d say “At least they got a point.”

The Sabres play Ottawa tomorrow night. Something to keep in mind if you’re fretting about the standings (and frankly, it’s a bit early for that anyway)… The Sabres have 2-4 games in hand on many of the teams that are right around them in the conference.

Sabres vs Bruins 11/7/09 Postmortem November 7, 2009

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Man, Zdeno Chara doesn’t like getting hit. I remember Danny Briere hitting him a couple of years ago. Now THAT was worth the price of admission to the game by itself.

Is it just me, or does Claude Julien look like a mob boss?


  • Dan Paille as a Bruin. It was good for the Sabres to dump the body, it was good for Dan to get a new address.
  • Once again… yeah. I’m out.

Didn’t like:

  • Jhonas Enroth is bite-sized. I could put him in my pocket and still have room for Derek Roy.
  • Drew Stafford. Isn’t it time to trade him and his freakishly hairy eyebrows to another team?
  • Lack of effort was pretty evident again.
  • I thought the Sabres had decided not to get manhandled this year, but apparently it’s easier, and likely less painful, to get out-muscled than to battle.
  • Benching Thomas Vanek. I don’t agree with benching your best scorer, even when he’s struggling. I don’t think Vanek responds well to it, either.
  • Oh, Goose, you need to fight better.
  • I could keep going, but I won’t. It’s like kicking a puppy.

I don’t care what the experts say, I don’t like striped shirts with striped ties and striped suit jackets. I call it “drunken pattern mixing”, not debonair. Sorry, Lindy.

So… Tyler Myers… September 19, 2009

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Welcome to the NHL. The guys are fast here, huh?

Because I like you, I’m going to offer you some advice on how not to get yourself into another complete cluster^%$# like you did tonight on Detroit’s goal. First, don’t try to do fancy stuff. Sure, you’re built like a giraffe and your reach is so long I think you slashed me once tonight, but that doesn’t mean you’re suddenly all Zdeno Chara-ish. You know the old saying, “Keep it simple, um, Tyler”. You’re too big for me to call stupid – I like my teeth in their current location. Besides, you’re not stupid, you’re just a young buck who’s getting a little overexcited.

Next, clear the crease if you don’t want to see Ryan Miller’s face in your nightmares tonight. He’s not fond of defensemen who don’t keep his area neat and tidy (see: Gomez, Scott and Season down the tube, Sabres). You are, as I mentioned before, a big guy. Push the little bastards out of your goaltender’s face and maybe he’ll buy you a nice, big, juicy steak after the game. Or you could let the other team fall all over him and see what happens. I wouldn’t wanna mess with a guy who looks like this. Serious hockey player or serial killer? You decide.


Your guardian angel

Puck Daddy (and some of our own) preview the Buffalo Sabres September 7, 2009

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Puck Daddy has started a series of posts previewing each team. On Friday the Sabres were his target topic. Here’s what he had to say…

  1. The Sabres are totally screwed if Tim Connolly hurts his fragile ‘ittle self. Hmmm. I guess the Sabres are totally screwed then.
  2. If Tim Connolly doesn’t single-handedly take down the season with an injury, but Ryan Miller gets injured, the Sabres are still screwed. Ok, I agree with that point. Moving on…
  3. The Sabres have $8 million in cap space. First off, with 7,306,295 players squaring off for 23 roster spots, how can they possibly have that much cap room? Also, $8 million in cap room doesn’t mean the Sabres have any money they’re looking to spend. Their “cap” and the NHL’s cap are two very different things.
  4. It’s uncertain whether Derek Roy, Thomas Vanek, or Tim Connolly is their best offensive player. Derek Roy couldn’t have a consistent season if he used Emeril’s Essence and Tim Connolly is more fragile than a Ming vase being used as a soccer ball during a pickup game at the FedEx warehouse. Thomas Vanek is their best offensive player. Good thing he’s not very offensive-smelling, from what I can tell. Well, except right after playing, of course. They all smell offensive then.
  5. Huh. Jason Pominville’s goal totals have declined for three straight years? That’s not good. However, there’s more to our little Pommerdoodle than meets the eye. He can play forward or defense (if need be), he can take faceoffs (if need be) and win as many of them as several of our regular centers, he is part of the power play AND the penalty kill, takes a regular shift, is rarely injured, doesn’t bitch, isn’t a liability at either end of the ice, and looks very cute with his jersey tucked into his pants. He’s a yawn of an interview, but that’s not his fault. Obviously he’s been forced to attend “how to bore the media and fans to death” camp every year since he was 14. Wonder if he ever met Sidney Crosby there?
  6. Clarke MacArthur is the player most likely to “break out” this season. Heaven help us.
  7. There’s really nothing interesting or noteworthy to say about our defensemen, except that it would be fun to watch Tyler Myers fight Zdeno Chara. Wonder if Myers grew any more this summer? What do giraffes eat, anyway?
  8. Ryan Miller is a spokesmodel.
  9. Adam Mair can swear with the best of them.
  10. Lindy Ruff could be in trouble if this team sucks again.
  11. The dude from The Rink Podcast thinks the season hinges on Clarke MacArthur, Dan Paille, and Drew Stafford. Heaven help us, part deux.
  12. Katebits refuses to make a prediction, but somehow manages to make one anyway.
  13. Drew Stafford, Jochen Hecht, and Paul Gaustad can find another gear if a lot of forwards get injured. Heaven help us, part trois. And aren’t these three of the most-often injured guys? Can’t find another gear when you’re sitting in your living room in your Snoopy Underoos with ice on your groin (and can I just say – ouch) watching Sportscenter.

Well, that was cheerful. Read the entirety of Puck Daddy’s post here.

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